Well after 4 days with it here are my comments

Software reliablity:
As always when running the software is pretty robust try doing a glissando with kompakt! am very impressed with the ruggedness of the software.
However if your computer hibernates and you launch giga NO SHOW!! for some reason it doesnt like it at times there is no audio and other times it reboots.

can someone get this sucker working now i have the performance tool with VSL so i am not to bothered but mono legato doesnt work from my keyboard its ok if you use the mouse which is quite unusable.

Gigastudio 2 piano:
Not impressed at all the pulse stuff suffers from latency plus if you play too many notes it creates an echo. infact the free bosendorfer is very good indeed hey also try this stack any of the demo ontop of the bosendorfer and you can get a pretty decent full sound especially the mid octaves not so hevay on the top and low octaves but it'll do.

Overall gigastudio3 is clearly the best software synth out there the disk streaming is still the best by a long way, although exs24 is gaining ground not keen on the kompakt disk stream LATENCY man LATENCY. my test for disk streaming is to go mad bashing every note here there with the sustain pedal do a few glissandos and then wait and see if it kills the machine.
Well done Tascam for a brilliant software i suppose the bug fix will be out soon but its amazing this piece of software started it all i remember back in the day when it first came out (ok majorly buggy) but it really kickedoff al of the software samplers that we now have.