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Topic: new samples: Migthy hits

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    new samples: Migthy hits

    i have uploaded a bunch of new samples on my site
    (go to free samples section)

    "Mighty Hits" (5.5MB) (a short mp3 demo will follow soon)

    (looking for creating something similar to the film-score-percussions... :-) )

    i copy here the readme you will find in the zip file:

    The samples were obtained from a self recorded sound (the included HIT1.WAV) in my cellar.
    HIT1.WAV was imported in kontakt (2 layer panned mid-left and mid-right, slightly detuned of some cent), tuned to -24 semitones.

    routing matrix:

    velocity -> sample tuning (high velocity=slightly higher tune)
    -> parametric EQ (1 band): freq set to 3000Hz, Q=2. velocity controls the gain (higher vel=higher gain)
    -> envelope attack (lower velocity=slower attack curve)

    key position -> microtuning

    kontakt out was directed to :

    1) VST Dominion (http://www.digitalfishphones.com)
    2) SIR impulse heavy reverb (www.knufinke.de/sir) using an impulse found on www.noisevault.com (ChapelDoubleSpdPlusConcertgebouw.wav)
    3) timeworks equalizer

    4) Creamware PsyQ (www.cwaudio.de)
    5) Creamware Optimaster

    the resulting output was sampled in Sonar 2 in 3 velocity splits and 4 variations (different keys) and then imported again in kontakt in a new patch.

    if you don't have kontakt, you can still import the wave in your sampler or use them in your sequencer by importing them

    enjoy and post comments! :-)

    edit: you can listen the demo at


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    Thumbs up Re: new samples: Migthy hits

    Those are some MIGHTY hits!

    Thanks! (Watch out, some of those or variations might show up in my future work!)


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