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Topic: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

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    GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    OK, I finally got GIGA 3 to work with my sound card. When I load up the
    GIGA3 Post Emporer files, GS3 says "The currently loading instrument from : xxxxx requires an extension file xxxx which can not be found. Gigapulse will not load."

    The xxxx is actually 7 garbage characters I can't type (A bar, a Y witha n accent, a c with a cedille, w, $, O with
    an umplat, and a square).

    The files appear to be there but obviously without the crud names.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    I don't have my GS3 Gold bundle yet, but I assume you may have installed the Post piano incorrectly.

    In the Emporer description for the GS3 version it mentions keeping "Filename.gig" and "filename.xx1" etc. together.


    I would guess GS3 can't find the Post files that it needs.

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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    The installation is nothing more than extracting the files from the .rar file Post provides. The files are all there and have resonable names. GS loads the instrument (it shows up with a reasonable name), but has a cow and generates garbage for the name of the instrument file.

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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    I would suggest an email to PMI. Perhaps Michiel will have some ideas.

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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    Try a newer version of WinRAR. I've found that some of my newer backups won't extract correctly under an older version.
    BTW - this app is great for backing up sessions. Compresses audio 2/1 with no loss quite nicely.

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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    I already mailed Post, but I figured I'd post here in case it was some known Giga bug. I don't think it's a RAR problem. I used the self-extracting exe and the files look like they are named appropriately.

    My guess was perhaps another stupid quicksound glitch. I'm less and less enthralled with this feature the more I use it.

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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    I am a new user to Gigastudio and the PMI Gold package. I recently installed GS3 and have experienced the same problem as FlyingRon including the garbage name.

    I will experiement some more and describe exactly what I have to do to get this error and post the results.

    I am glad I am not the only one having this problem.

    Ralph Olstad

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    Go into File | System Settings, and in the Gigapulse/Convolution tab, make sure there's a Search Path for the location of your PMI impulse files.

    I don't have that library, and am only guessing, but that's very likely the culprit.

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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    I tried that one (explicitly adding it). It doesn't help.

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    Re: GIGAPULSE garbage names?

    I tried Bruce's recommendations regarding setting the file paths, but I still have the problem.
    Here are the details using the Old Lady piano.

    1. I double click 'Emperor Full 12+12+2' in the midi loader pane to load in channel 1 of port 1.
    This is now a playable piano.
    2. I click the Stack Instruments button to activate stacking.
    3. I double click 'Emperor Pedal Down Resonance'in the midi loader pane

    This brings up 2 dialog boxes. A small dialog box is in the front covers up part of the background dialog box.

    The front dialog box is titled 'Loading Instrument...' and contains the following path info:
    'D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Emperor\PMI'

    The background dialog box is titled ' GigaPulse Cannot Load Encoded Instrument Impulses' and contains the following text:

    'The currently loading instrument from < a few garbage characters > '

    Some more text that is covered up by the 'Loading Instrument window'.

    Then it continues with:

    'Helpful Hints:
    *Ensure all extension files are in the same directory as the .GIG file
    (D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\emperor\PMI Body1.gig)
    * The extension file can usually be found on the original .GIG contents media.
    * You can use the effect 'By Pass' to hear the raw instrument

    By the way, the search paths I have set up in the GigaPulse/Convultion system settings are:

    D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Emperor
    D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Emperor\Extra GP content
    D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Old Lady
    D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Old Lady\Extra GP content

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