I was wondering if anyone knows if there are books or video to get to help you set up your home studio, or if there any tutorial things on how to make say sonar work with giga studio etc if you are a total newb to computer music technology? My problem is I'm losing many great ideas because I'm mechanicly challenged as to know which port to plug audio card in or rout midi in through this, or choose x program so that your computer can play midi files. several people have offered to help when I ask specifics, but I get frustrated easily when I can not just sit down and compose. If someone understands these things and has the patience to talk to me via email or instant messenger let me know. For starters I'll post my equipment list.

2 CPU's P4 2.8 and a 2.4 both have 2 gig ram running win xp SP2
Giga Studio 160 2.5
Sonar XL 2.2
Echo Mia Midi audio cards (they have 8 virual channels)
assorted library's from GOS, SISS, and several EWQL including the plug in things like Storm drums and PMI Bosi piano
my controller is a Maudio Radium

from that list am I missing anything that would allow me to work?

Do colleges teach you stuff that help you get situated? I just started taking a introduction to music technology class but they do not use this type of stuff at all. So far I'm just learning the basics on orchestration.

I think the problem for me mostly in figuring out how to be able to record and edit my tracks. I'm doing something wrong and the sonar will not even read anything i record from giga. Also I can not record anything from the plug in stuff, I need help understanding stuff like VST and what not...

Thanks for your help