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Topic: sonar and bouncing to audio

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    sonar and bouncing to audio

    Hello. I couldn't get rewire to work well with sonar 3, so i'm using it as a stand alone. This is what I'm doing... I open giga 3, I then open Sonar 3, I set a midi channel to play a giga port and channel. Sonar records the midi info and I am able to see it and hear it on the sonar track, but I can't turn it into audio. I tried the export audio function, the bounce to tracks in edit. All these export buttons stay grayed out as if they are not active. I'm not sure if this is a giga issue, a sonar issue, or me issue. Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: sonar and bouncing to audio

    You are not alone. It appears to be a rewire GS3 issue. Checkout the thread "Strange Rewire behavior"

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