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Topic: RME HDSP9632 and GS3 configuration

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    RME HDSP9632 and GS3 configuration

    Finally received my GS3 :-)), but have a frustrating setup problem...
    Firstly, I did Dave's fix outlined in http://www.soundsonics.net/Midisolut.doc ,but now when I go into GS configuration manager, I have the following choices in the Midi Port configuration/ Midi In ports...

    HDSP Midi In1 (1)
    HDSP Midi In1 (1)(in use)
    HDSP Midi In1 (GSIF low latency)(in use)
    HDSP Midi In2 (GSIF low latency)

    If I choose either of the GSIF low latency options, I get no midi from my keyboard, and only the first choice HDSP Midi In1 (1) works. Of course I wish to use the GSIF low latency drivers...

    Any clues Dave, or anyone else...please


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    Re: RME HDSP9632 and GS3 configuration

    This is how it should be. The "Low Latency" inputs are not implemented by the RME drivers. You use the other 2 inputs (depending on which of the two hardware MIDI IN jacks you are using on the card).

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    Re: RME HDSP9632 and GS3 configuration

    Thanks for that Ron :-)

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