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Topic: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

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    Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    Anybody actually get the Emporer or the old Lady to load in GS3? I get garbage errors about not being able to find the effects files. Other users report the same thing.

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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    The problem is known and I am working on a final solution that installs all files automatically in the right TASCAM/GigaPulse/CommonFiles location on your drive.

    The main problem is that the gx99 files are missing on the DVD┤s you received. You can simply download them from our website, place them next to our gig files and that should solve these error messages.

    Please visit (and bookmark) a dedicated update page for these GOLD BUNDLE PIANOS on postpiano.com:

    Somehow these updates don┤t show up -yet- under the Emperor and Old Lady pianos in our webiste system but we will fix that soon.

    There are currently 4 updates, the last two apply most to your situation.
    Update Date Size

    Common Files,
    3.2 MB
    Stackable GigaPulse embedded gig files (includes the .gx99 files) to load body resonance as FX 9.8 MB
    EMPEROR GP content, 1 MB
    OLD LADY GP content, 1 MB

    The main problem is with the .gx99 files, you need to download them from our website, the last two links are direct links to these files. They should be next to the gig files and contain the actual embedded gigapulse content parameters. The error message you have will vanish when the gx99 is next to the gig files.

    The Common Files update is a collection of PMI GP presets and banks that can be used to enhance the p´anos.
    The Stackable instruments are yet another way to activate the content, you stack one of these GP embedded gigs on a midi channel and the embedded GP process will be applied to all instruments in the stack.

    We will solve this issue with a more elegant solution, hopefully next week. At the moment I had a terrible SATA drives crash that wiped out most of my current development stuff and registrations for all VSTi┤s and related software. It will take me a day or two to rebuild everything.

    Ok, about the tech support for the list below.

    1. I double click 'Emperor Full 12+12+2' in the midi loader pane to load in channel 1 of port 1.
    This is now a playable piano.
    2. I click the Stack Instruments button to activate stacking.
    3. I double click 'Emperor Pedal Down Resonance'in the midi loader pane

    This brings up 2 dialog boxes. A small dialog box is in the front covers up part of the background dialog box.

    The front dialog box is titled 'Loading Instrument...' and contains the following path info:
    'D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Emperor\PMI'

    The background dialog box is titled ' GigaPulse Cannot Load Encoded Instrument Impulses' and contains the following text:

    'The currently loading instrument from < a few garbage characters > '

    Some more text that is covered up by the 'Loading Instrument window'.

    Then it continues with:

    'Helpful Hints:
    *Ensure all extension files are in the same directory as the .GIG file
    (D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\emperor\PMI Body1.gig)
    * The extension file can usually be found on the original .GIG contents media.
    * You can use the effect 'By Pass' to hear the raw instrument

    What happens after these messages? Do you have two (corrupt) GP instances in the FX loader field or does the extra content gig file fail to load in the stack? If they open you should be able to load the GP bank manually.

    By the way, the search paths I have set up in the GigaPulse/Convultion system settings are:

    D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Emperor
    D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Emperor\Extra GP content
    D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Old Lady
    D:\Ralph D-Drive\Gigastudio Instruments\Old Lady\Extra GP content

    This is ok, although the actual content is inside the folder labelled temp maps or similar.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3


    OK, I'm confused now. I have no idea how to know if I've got the latest files in the right places for the Old Lady and the Emperor. What would help me at this point, short of an installer that does all the magic, is to see some screen captures of the correct directory structures with file sizes and dates. I haven't done any updates - just used what was on the DVD's and installed it as well as I could understand. Am I up to date? Should I just sit tight for a while until things settle down? The instruments appear to be working OK but I'm hesitant to do any serious work as I might not be getting the best they have to offer. Suggestions?


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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    yes, I'm also confused. I have just received the Gold Bundle and have not yet installed it.
    Michiel would it be better (and easier) to wait until you have a new fix?...
    In the meantime I have your Bosendorfer 290 which is superb....also Black Grand will soon arrive :-)


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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    Well, the situation is under control now...finally!
    New master disks have been made and tested and duplication begins today.
    I found where problems and made new versions of all components of the Gold Bundle pianos, including a new Gold Bundle Room reverb bank for GigaPulse.

    To avoid that every owner has to download the new content files from our update section we will send every owner of the GS3 version of the Gold Bundle pianos the new disk(s), we will ship them next week.
    Users of the GS2 versions can upgrade on our website. The update request form should be on-line on Monday.

    In the mean time you can download the correct files and the installation manual from our GoldBundle Update page:
    Here you will also find a manual (as pdf file and on-line)

    Here is the webpage about the way to operate and install the new GS3 versions. Included is a list of the correct files you should have on your system to use them.

    I am sorry for the installation problems that we caused and hope this solution solves them once and for all.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    Thanks Michiel. I was hoping you would issue new DVD's as I find the update procedure somewhat daunting....I am just a pianist :-)

    Looking forward to receiving them soon

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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    Again my apolgies for the inconvenience; I overlooked the most bacis rule for software installations: MAKE IT SIMPLE!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    I still haven't received my updated versions of the Gold
    Bundle pianos....could you check that they were sent to me please (mal7@bigpond.net.au)

    And I ordered the GS3 version of Bos 290 today. The demos were excellent :-))


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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    Hi Mal.
    All Gold Bundle upgrades and replacements have been sent 2 weeks ago.
    Some people received disks last week and some may get them this week. Guess you're unlucky and belong to the last category.
    I'm sending the Bos290 GS3 upgrades out today and tomorrow.

    Thanks for your loyalty to our pianos!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Getting PMI Gold to boogie with GS3

    Thanks Michiel....keep up the good work

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