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Topic: Low frequencies on screen

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    Low frequencies on screen

    Have you guys ever tried playing the Didgiridoo or burping in a very low tone in front of a computer screen ?

    It's really interesting ,the low frequencies in your head cause the screen's display to start waving heavily like a curtain .

    I am pretty sure that the "tibetian monk" chanting frequencies would also create the same effect , maybe that's why it's entrancing for them (?)

    If you don't have a Didgiridoo or you can't harmonically chant, get a 2 Litre Coke and try the burping side of things, a bit messy but gets the job done

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    Re: Low frequencies on screen

    I wish that more research would be done with human reactions to inaudible frequencies. There have always been theories and scientists that claim that you can create a frequency that is so high or low that it cannot be percieved by human ears, then you can amplify that to the point where the vibrations can be deadly. There are inaudible vibrations occuring around us everywhere all the time, we can't hear them, but we can feel them. I realy don't think I answered your question at all, but it thought that this cool to add.

    Ridgeway Beeson

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    Re: Low frequencies on screen

    Yes, I have seen the wavy screen thing happen, although I can't quite get it to happen at the moment. (I'm afraid to try too hard because I'm in an apartment and my neighbours might think the strange groaning sounds I'm making are weird ;^)

    Another interesting thing I've discovered recently is a weird "interrupting" of low frequency tones, when listening through headphones. Try this: listen at a loud level to a low mellow tone, such as a low note from a bass or electric piano etc, and while listening, tap your computer mouse (or any hard object) on the desk. You have to use headphones for this to work. To me, it sounds like there is a loose connection somewhere - every time I tap, it sounds like the tone is interrupted. It's quite disconcerting.


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    Re: Low frequencies on screen

    Yes, I've noticed the screen anomalies when playing didge.

    -- Martin

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