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Topic: Sustain pedal won't sustain

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    Sustain pedal won't sustain

    On instruments which the sustain pedal is supposed to sustain the sound, such as the piano, the pedal doesn't do anything. On other instruments where the pedal has a muting effect, such as the harps, it works fine. This behavior happens with both the standalone Kontakt player and when used as an Audio Unit within DP4.

    I'm on a Dual G4 450 with 640 megs RAM, if that helps. I've got the latest Kontakt player. The pedal works just fine when I use it to control other MIDI instruments, so I know my controller is not at fault. Any ideas what's going on here?

    Other than that little annoyance, I am totally in love with GPO.

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    Re: Sustain pedal won't sustain

    If you want the sustain pedal to play sustain and not legato you need to go into GPO's option menu on the player and change the sustain pedal mode to 'sustain/sustenuto operation'. It is set to play legato by default. Remember to change it back if you want to use the sustain pedal data for legato.

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    Talking Re: Sustain pedal won't sustain

    Wow, I feel nice 'n stupid for not noticing that. Thanks Joseph, you've just doubled my GPO productivity!

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    Re: Sustain pedal won't sustain


    Keep in mind that for a single player “engine” only one of the pedal modes can be active at a time. This is true even if you open multiple instances. So, for example, if in one instance you set the pedal mode to the second choice “midi cc”(the default) for standard legato mode function and then open a second instance to load piano, you will not be able to set the second instance to standard sustain without that change also affecting the first instance. Both instances will be either one or the other because they use the same engine. There are workarounds for this situation:

    1. For PC, use the VSTi version for one and the DXi version for the other. This uses separate engines so they can be set independently.

    2. Set the GPO player for one type and load the other type into the full version of Kontakt. These will also be independent of one another.

    3. For PC, you can also make a second copy of the .dll file (in the VST plugins folder of your sequencer). Rename the copy something like PersonalOrchestra2. Two different Personal Orchestra choices should then be visible on your VST instruments list. Choose one for legato mode instruments and the other for piano. Pedal mode can be set independently for the two choices.

    4. Take advantage of the "freeze" function available in several popular sequencers. It's most efficiently used to "freeze" piano, since piano typically uses more resources. Set the pedal mode to standard sustain and, once the piano part is finished, "freeze" it. Then change the pedal mode in the GPO player back to "midi cc" for the other instruments. This gives you an audio recording of the piano with standard sustain, frees up resources, and lets you use the other instruments, as designed, with the "midi cc" legato mode.


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    Re: Sustain pedal won't sustain


    That's very good to know. You raise another question for me though: with the Kontakt player, can one control each of those functions simultaneously with separate controllers? My MIDI controller supports two sustain pedals, each assignable to any MIDI cc, and I was wondering if I could set it up to use one pedal for sustain and the other for muting/legato?

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