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Topic: NFX_GPulse folder...?!

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    NFX_GPulse folder...?!


    I'd be most grateful for a tip with regards to the placement of the "GigaPulse" folder...and another question:

    First, a little background of how I got cornered:
    My first install seemed ok, but when attempting to load GPulse, it was not available and I got a message to install the Pulses...

    So, as I didn't want to risk and reinstall a second instance of GS3 while attempting to only install the Pulses, I browsed the DVD and carried the Pulses folder over to the Tascam folder....MISTAKE!

    It prevented me from rebooting GS3 for 6 hours...and strangely, during bootup, was getting stuck while the loadup window was clearly looking for something in the Recycle Can Folder...

    1- So, I went through a restore, which has at least enabled me to start up GS3, but I'm yet to install the Pulses - should this be done separately?

    2- Should I not bother doing all this on the back of a "Restore"?...and I'm still unclear as to the registration...will my second and last chance be gone if I do a fresh install of XP?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Re: NFX_GPulse folder...?!

    The installer did seem to need to use its default paths, so I reluctantly let it -- c:\program files\tascam\ has some of the gigapulse files
    and c:\program files\tascam\components some more.

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    Re: NFX_GPulse folder...?!

    Thanks G,

    Well, I'll investigate it...isn't it strange that it would install them in two places?...
    Well, if you are accessing some Pulses from both folders automatically, then I guess all's ok.

    I'll post again if something else about this gets problematic.


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