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Topic: Registration Questions

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    Question Registration Questions

    I am wondering about the registration process for Gigastudio 3. It is the same BS as Windows XP? I'm the kind of person who's constantly tinkering with his computer, swapping out parts, upgrading, etc. In fact, I like to reformat about every 6 months, just to clear out the crap windows seems to accumulate, which slows it down and makes it unstable. And I hate the thought of having to spend hours calling up Tascam to get permision to use software I've paid hundreds of dollars for. This is why I've stuck with Win 2000, (although I know I need XP for Gigastudio 3). In fact, I just upgraded my processor to an Athon XP 2600 and my memory to 1.5 GB in anticipation for Gigastudio 3. (I inadverdantly had to upgrade my motherboard, when a screwdriver slipped trying to remove a heatsink with an oversize fan, and gashed the MB). Iin about six months, when prices settle down, I'm planning on building an Athlon 64 system.

    So if I install Gigastudio 3 on my current system, will I have problems reinstalling it on a new system because of the copy protection?

    And what if Tascam goes under or stops supporting Gigastudio? What becomes of the $100s or thousands of dollars one has invested in the software and libraries? What if your computer crashes and it won't let you reinstall?

    I hate this copy protection nonsense which puts a huge burden on the end user. Microsoft charges, what about $75 hour for tech support? Will they pay me $75 hour for my wasted time in having to deal with their copy protection, having to spend hours on hold begging them to let me reinstall it? Will Tascam?

    Companies spend a fortune on their copy protection BS, but it doesn't increase sales one iota. Sure, some people get pirated copies, but they wouldn't buy it anyway, and others, after having tried a pirate version, and deciding it suits their needs, will buy the software. Others will aviod buying the software exactly because of the severe copy protection. To this day, Windows XP has been a disappointment in upgrade sales through stores, so the copy protection didn't do any good there. Its hurt sales, not helped them.

    I bought Gigastudio 160 a few months ago, because I was sick of the piano sound from my Yahama P80. But I've since upgraded to an Kawai MP9500 (got one of the last ones available), and haven't bothered to reinstall Gigastudio 160 since I upgraded my computer, so I don't know what the copy protection on it is like for reinstalls. But I would have never bought Gigastudio if I'd known I'd have to jump through hoops everytime I upgrade my computer or reformated.


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    Re: Registration Questions

    I may be wrong on this, but I believe the GS registration is not anywhere are rigorous as the XP one. When you start the registration process it uses a function of your name, email address, and the hard disk serial number (and the company name for 2.5) to generate the "Registration Code". This plus your CD Serial Number get mushed together by TASCAM's server to generate your Unlock code. The keys got longer for GS3. There's a counter that limits how many times you can reuse the same CD Serial Number in the registration process. If you reconfig your machine and you've already used up your allotment of registrations, you'll have to call TASCAM to get a new one. Unless you reformat your hard drive without preserving the volume serial number (which is set by software anyhow), you can "restore" the backup copy of your registration info accross reinstalls (even if your email address changes).


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    Re: Registration Questions

    I have the same concern, view this post I left in the GPO forum for my reasons:http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ghlight=kavise

    The one thing I really appriciate about GS32 is that you could "own" it. With the way everyone complains about Tascam’s customer support, I would hate to have to rely on them indefinitely to use Gigastudio3. Can anyone confirm: Is the Registration for Gigastudio3 the same as GS32? Or did they make it different, so that we are "Renting with permission" and only able to use the software "at their continued convenience"?

    Thank you very much for any info!

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    Re: Registration Questions

    The new registration is a PITA. I guess the automated reply doesn't work on the weekends.

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    Re: Registration Questions

    What about multiple computers? Do you have to buy multiple licenses, or is there a certain # of computers you can install it on, (much like the EWQLSO) ?


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    Re: Registration Questions

    You have to buy a license for each computer (and it's not cheap).

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    Re: Registration Questions

    When you start the registration process it uses a function of your name, email address, and the hard disk serial number (and the company name for 2.5) to generate the "Registration Code".

    Well, this is a program called volume ID which lets you change the serial number of the Hard Disk. This is handy when reinstalling XP, since its one less thing that changes. It would be great if it would work with Gigastudio 3.



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    Re: Registration Questions

    Yes, the serial number patch program will work fine for GS (great if you need to reformat or move to another disk). I develop Windows software for a living (not music related), and we've recomended that program for our customers as well.

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    Re: Registration Questions

    [QUOTE=kavise]I have the same concern, view this post I left in the GPO forum for my reasons:http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ghlight=kavise

    I read your post and you eloquently stated my own position. Some of the replies to your post defended copy protection. I don't defend it because I don't think it increases sales. The software industry went through a similiar cycle in the 80s. Copy protection was getting more and more burdersome. Back then it was done with floppy disks. The floppies couldn't be copied (for backup), and you needed the floppy in the drive to run the program. And guess what - the companies which used such severe copy protection lost market share or went out of business, and the companies which didn't use copy protection gained marketshare. Lotus 123 comes to mind. It was once the dominant speadsheet, but the onerous copy protection turned users off, and the non-copy protected Microsoft Excel took over the market. Microsoft didn't use copy protection in those days (other then perhaps, a registration key), and strangely enough, Office beaome the best selling software in the world. How did that happen if copy protection helps sales? Shouldn't one of the copy protected competitors have become the best selling software, instead of almost going out of business, as Lotus's did?

    I don't like piracy either, but what the software makers should realize is its a form of advertising. As I said above, most pirates wouldn't buy it anyway, but for every lost sale from piracy, there is someone else who finds out about a program from pirated copies, and buys it, and would never of heard of the program, or thought of buying it otherwise. Plus the lost sales from people who don't want to invest a lot of money in software they have no control over. With my M-Audio soundcard, I received a version of Ableton Delta Live, and a version of Reason, (Adapted). Plus I had a scaled down version of Cubase from my Audigy Platinum. Well, I installed Ableton, and registered it, and it told me I had two installations total. Well I imeditately lost one install, because I had severe latency problems with my motherboard with an early via chipset (since fixed by Via) when trying to play my keyboard with Reason Adapted. So I upgraded my motherboard to one with a Nforce chipset and solved my latency problems, and immediatle lost one install of Ableton. Now Reason doesn't have the severe copy protection of Ableton or Cubase, so guess which program I bought the full version of? Reason of course. I am the proud owner of Reason 2.5, and love it. I also use Cakewalk and will evetually upgrade to Sonar for the same reason, they don't use the severe copy protection some of their competitors do. On the other hand, because of their copy protection, Ableton and Cubase lost a potential sale to me. I'm sure Ableton and Cubase are fine programs, but I never took the time to learn them, and will not buy full versions. Its bad enough having to deal with upgrade hassles for Gigastudio, and Windows XP, can you imagine having to do it for Cubase, Ableton, and possibly other programs besides? Like I said, I do way to much tinkering with my computer hardware to put up with that nonsense. Other examples, I've never upgraded from Office 97 to Office 2000 or Office XP because of copy protection hassles, or from Win 2000 to Win XP, although I will be forced to.

    And ultimatley, while software makers complain about piracy, they're pirates themselves. Every experienced computer user has hundred or even thousands of dollars in software they bought which they never use either because it doesn't suit their needs (although it might be fine software otherwise), or most often, because it was not very good software, and doesn't live up to the ad hype. But can the user return this unsatisfactory software for a refund? No. Almost every product in the world can be returned for a refund if the customer is not satisfied. But not software. Software makers have never cared about ripping off customers off with unsatisfactory products. Their excuse used to be the software could be easily copied. However, with this new severe copy protection, this is no longer true. They can easily revoke your resistration over the Internet. In that case, if they want to use this severe copy protection, they should offer full returns if the customer is not satisfied, like every other product in the world does (excluding movies and music, but the same logic would apply to their copy protected stuff.)

    They should also be upfront about the nature of the copy protection, which of course they seldom are (with the exception of Microsoft and XP). They don't mention it in their ads or websites, or they bury it somewhere.
    Since they won't return your money, they should at least be upfront about the copy protection so the customer can decide if he wants to deal with it or not.

    Gigastudio is a great program, and I'll upgrade to version 3, since I can for only $50. But they don't make clear the exact nature of the copy protection, and I'm not sure I'd buy it if I had it to do over again. The libraries available are great, but expensive. Rather then spend 3 grand on Gigastudio and libraries, I'd be more inclined to get a Motiff ES8 or Korg Triton. At least then I'd know my 3 grand investment wouldn't be at the mercy of some Internet registration scheme.


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    Re: Registration Questions

    The Copy Protection in GS3 while it has longer keys than GS2 is pretty much the same scheme. I'm not sure how your complaint applies. Nobody who upgrades ought to be surprised other than they forgot how flakey TASCAM's registration process is from when they registered GS2.

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