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Topic: Gigastudio 3 reviews?

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    Gigastudio 3 reviews?

    Can anyone point me to any reviews of Gigastudio 3? (Formal/published or otherwise.) I'm considering the upgrade, but would like to get a sense of its stability and how well the new features work.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Gigastudio 3 reviews?

    It's probably too early to see any reviews yet considering that GS3 has only been out a couple of weeks. I can tell you from a working musicians perspective the following:

    I compose music for an animation series which has to be delivered one half hour show per 5 days or so. Needless to say that an unstable program would not enhance my delivery requirements. I have put out one show since I installed GS3 and it worked almost flawlessly...(any new release is bound to have bugs) and performed way beyond my expectations. Every situation is going to be different depending on your setup. If you read earlier posts you will see that there are people who are still debugging their systems to get GS3 up to speed and there are people like me who have it running right out of the box. All I can say is that I took a chance installing a new software in the middle of a production but in my case it payed off. Gigapulse alone is worth it. Not to mention the VSL content. The new program features are almost a bonus add on for me.

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    Re: Gigastudio 3 reviews?

    I find it more stable on my system than GS2.5 - after I did a clean install of WinXP, a BIOS upgrade to the motherboard and removal of some incompatible RAM. I certainly can't blame GS3 for hardware problems or a bruised OS.

    Just this weekend I went to start GS3 and a box came up telling me that the driver services weren't running. "Would you like to start them?" "Yes, please." And voila, GS3 started. In GS2.5 this would have been a sure lockup. And the load times could be so slow! Even with the GS Loader running. With GS3 it starts everytime and loads RAM like a brush fire in August. I find that I have much less of a barrier to creativity, and am happier making custom templates rather than loading an old template and going to get some coffee while it loads. I can load all of the 24-bit VGS samples and the Post Bos 290 in about two minutes.

    I find that if I limit myself to two GPulse instances and < 90% of RAM booked, I can run with perfect reliability. Well almost. It crashed last night when a lightning strike grayed out our power. Oh well.

    I've found some little inconsequential bugs. Things like the per-sample Loaded indicator not being updated properly. Or detaching an embedded GPulse instance from a channel, and adding a different one only to find both instanced active. (I unload the first instance, and that does the trick.) None of these bugs stop the music from playing.

    Assuming that you get your system up and running with your particular hardware and drivers, all is well in Gigaland.


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    Re: Gigastudio 3 reviews?

    So far so good on my efforts...haven't found anything that USED to work in 2.5 that's busted. There are a number of new features that make 3.0 worth the upgrade (especially if you qualify for the reduced price).

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    Re: Gigastudio 3 reviews?

    Have you ever gone back and worked with a Win98 machine, after using WinXP for a while? You think "Wow, that's all there was to it back then?".

    That's how I'd describe the difference...

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    Re: Gigastudio 3 reviews?

    GS3 is working flawlessly for me, playing large piano libraries.
    On my P4 3.2, with 2GB ram and HDSP9632, (with a fresh XP install and the recommended tweaks)I am getting over 300 voices at 1.5 ms latency, with absolutely no pops or clicks. No crashes, or any problems :-)
    GS 2.54 on my old P111 with 512 ram and Win98 was a constant headache.


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