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Topic: you favorite mix? no politics!

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    you favorite mix? no politics!

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    as daw composer i find myself now more then ever concerned with the mixing of music. so these days thats about all I listen for.
    right now my favorite mix is "Magnification" by the veteran progressive rockers YES.
    amazing!! here a complete orchestra plays with them yet its loud and clear
    you can here everything! whats yours? and no politics!

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    Re: you favorite mix? no politics!

    Joni Mitchell, Blue
    Portis Head, Dummy
    Julie London, Julie is Her Name
    Patti Griffin, A Thousand Kisses
    Patty Larkin, Red Luck
    The Be Good Tanyas, Chinatown
    Nirvana, Nevermind
    Emmylou Harris, Stumble into Grace

    Strange collection, I guess, but good mixes.

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    Re: you favorite mix? no politics!

    how about:
    *pink floyd dark side of the moon- i am amazed how good it sounds
    on my crappy car speakers via of the classic fm rock stations . hard to believe it was something like 1969!!
    * "UK" ( their first album same title, recorded in 1978).
    i think it was recorded in bill brufords basement it has this overall strange "flat" unique sound , kinda hard to describe but it works for what they where trying to accomplish.
    yes bush does suck! opps

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    Re: you favorite mix? no politics!

    UK! Saw them live in LA about a hundred years ago. What a group!

    How about Roger Waters' Amused to Death. All the studio work was done in analog. They used QSound for placement. A great test of your speakers ability to image properly. Oh yeah, it's anti-corporate, anti-big-media and anti-war in the context of the first Bush-Iraq war. ("What God wants, God gets!") Political content aside, the mix is spectacular.


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    Re: you favorite mix? no politics!

    Queen : "Fat Bottomed Girls"
    Kraftwerk : "The Robots"
    Pistols : "Bodies"
    Gerry Rafferty : "Baker Street" (heh)
    Pink Floyd : "Have A Cigar"

    Those are still some of my favorite non-orchestral B's when I'm not that sure about non-orchestral A's... (and yes I'm aware we're close to 2005).


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    Re: you favorite mix? no politics!

    Amen to Dark Side of the Moon and Court and Spark (though Blue's so warm and dark I think of it first when I think her.)

    And somehow it seems as though this list could get very long:

    Abbey Road
    The White Album
    Some Girls (Or at least when it first came out it seemed crisp and clear. Haven't heard it in some time.)

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    Re: you favorite mix? no politics!

    Art of Noise -- Moments in Love is a great mix....

    Jeff Beck/Jan Hammer -- Diamond Dust

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