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Topic: Glissando with pitch bender

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    Glissando with pitch bender


    Does anybody know how I could use the pitch bend wheel to create glissando/portamento for for example the strings. I've already tried fiddling around a bit with it, but I seems quite hard to get the right sound whilst drawing it in my Logic arrange window. I draw a kind of triangle, but somehow, the first note always overlaps the next one, so I hear a big fall, instead of a smooth transition.
    Can anyone help me?


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    Re: Glissando with pitch bender


    Two things:

    1. Portamento transitions between notes are best applied (with the present version of the library) by using the portamento control (cc20) and confining portamento to the legato layer only. Draw the data into the graphic area of your sequencers piano roll window. Apply it specifically to the transitions you wish to slide. Confining it to the legato layer helps Kontakt keep track of portamento direction and amount.

    2. The update will include some new features that will allow you to use standard pitchbend without the problems you describe.


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