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Topic: .it or .mo3 MODs? Trackers?

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    .it or .mo3 MODs? Trackers?

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    Anybody here know anything about writing MODs? I've been asked to do some work for a project requiring .it or .mo3 format MOD files. Anybody here have experience with this? I'm only used to using Sonar and don't know much about getting from there (if it's even possible) to MOD files. I used to listen to MODs all the time back in the day, but I've never written one.

    Can someone lend me some advice?


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    Re: .it or .mo3 MODs? Trackers?

    Hello Brady !
    There is a programm called Mod Plug Tracker which allows you to import a midi files and export it afterwards in .It .Xm .Mod and .s3m formats.

    The process is a bit hard at the start, but simple when you learn for a few days .

    You import the midi , you chose your GM or custom soundbank and then the corresponding samples get mapped to the Tracker notes .

    Since .tracker files are usually really small, you cannot use a full blown orchestra sample set for just a file, usually you use 1 or 2 samples per each instrument ( Solo lead would be 1 sample for example, flute would be 3 samples for the whole range ETC ), so the ending file is never larger than 10Mb - To my knowledge.
    For small tracker songs like for Game Boy Advance , the whole soundtrack and the samples must not be over 2 Mb max for example .

    Go to this site so you can download ModPlug Tracker starter kit ( has some demo's and examples in the zip , it's freeware ) :

    Since setting your own samples and looping them is a bit more advanced , i recommend you go to
    and download a very small GM sound set in Soundfont Format ( so you can import them directly into your song and save the trouble)

    Try finding one of these sets :

    2 Mb Gm.SF2
    5 Mb Gm.SF2
    8 Mb Gm Sfx.SF2

    They are all small, ideal for .tracker files and in general midi format.

    If you want something larger and you have the allowance for that , try one of these :

    personal Copy 42 b.sf2
    Musica Theoria v2 (GM).sf2
    SGM150 v1.40.sf2

    or any other big Gm bank , some of them are REALLY big for tracker formats, but it depends on what they ask you .

    That's all my knowledge allows me to share , i wish i knew more as well about the great Amiga formats

    Good luck with it man , if you have any other question just give it a go here

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    Re: .it or .mo3 MODs? Trackers?

    Thanks for the info! I had tried ModPlug, but I found sometimes it would actully play around with my notes (imported from MIDI). I mean, it would actually change them. Like it would add extra notes, and offset others, etc.

    I tried several MIDI files, and each time it had some kind of weird problem with them.

    Do you know of any trackers that have piano rolls instead of that freaky spreadsheet/hex editor layout? The only one I found was Sound Club, and it only works with S3M.

    All in all, between trying to use my own samples and importing the actual sequences (using MIDI), I've almost given up. Every single tool I've tried so far (and I've tried probably at least 10 or 15 various tools) are very buggy and/or have extremely limited functionality/compatability.

    Surely if this is the type of format used in so many games there are more professional tools for this?

    Thanks again!

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    Re: .it or .mo3 MODs? Trackers?

    Yeah i've had lots of problems with MPtracker as well, i think that the wrong notes are actually samples out of tune instead of extra note data .

    On a search i did, i even read that "There is no good tracker programm for Windows"

    But today.......

    I got really good results after some experimentation with midi files !

    I realised that the Soundfont Sf2 specification is not 100% compatible with ModPlug Tracker , so after some conversions it seems that the .DLS ( downloadable sounds level 1+2 ) is !

    Soundfonts have a "Cents Tuning" thing for each sample so you can perfectly tune them if they are out of tune, but when you import that to Mptracker the problems start : the fine tuning and the coarse is lost completely resulting in horrible out-tunes and random notes.

    So what what you have to do is convert a soundfont into .DLS fprmat and import that into Mptracker instead. Everything plays 99% percent in tune that way ( depending on how good the original soundfont was programmed ) .

    The other thing is that Tracker formats have low resolutions for notes , so you can't have really small midi notes or else they get quantized to weird values .

    Here is a small mp3 demo i made so you can hear the difference .

    The first half mp3 is the Soundfont version , after the white noise in the middle , the .DLS version comes in ( Converted from the soundfont ) where all the pitches get in the right spot :

    Before and After

    Please scroll to bottom of page , the file is called "Temporary test file"

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    Re: .it or .mo3 MODs? Trackers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brady Wright
    Do you know of any trackers that have piano rolls instead of that freaky spreadsheet/hex editor layout? The only one I found was Sound Club, and it only works with S3M.
    No idea

    Surely if this is the type of format used in so many games there are more professional tools for this?
    Usually mods are made by people from the old Amiga scene or the new demo scenes . So i think they have learned with all the old tools and they continue using them till today .
    I guess many companies must have their own conversion tools for Midi-> Mod , and those tools usually don't get released for the public

    A piano roll mod editor as you said would be perfect , Cakewalk with sample per note support , awesome stuff

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