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Topic: Additional License - how much?

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    Question Additional License - how much?


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    Re: Additional License - how much?

    Quote Originally Posted by Not Dudley Simpson

    I've looked for license prices on the Tascam site but can't find any. Can someone give me a quote or a link to a price list? Thanks.

    BTW, I'm in the UK - Is there a price difference?

    I emailed Tascam on a similar matter a couple of weeks ago, but they haven't replied yet. Maybe they are rather busy, but I think that it is a bit rude. I'd be interested to see if you get a reply!


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    Re: Additional License - how much?

    You can get addition licenses from retailers... I know my reseller offers them for around $250 for Orchestra, and I think $150 for Ensemble - though that one might be wrong cuase I don't use Ensemble...

    Any retailer should have them though...
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    Re: Additional License - how much?

    If you will look on the tascamgiga site gray tab "gigastudio 3" menu "pricing and upgrades" you will find the info or go to


    then look at the bottom of the page.

    So much information ... so hard to find ...


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