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Topic: How much does GS dislike hyperthreading?

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    Angry How much does GS dislike hyperthreading?

    My computer died last night. It was particularly annoying, because it's practically brand new, but out of warranty - I bought it from Red Submarine just over a year ago, but have only found time to use it about ten times in that year.

    I was in the middle of using Cubase with a couple of effects when I got a message saying Cubase had asked task manager to shut it down in an unusual manner, and the machine stalled. Ctrl+Alt+Del did nothing, and I ended up having to just switch off at the power. After that, when I booted, the machine scanned the hard drives and seemed to remove various parts of FruityLoops, which it claimed were 'orphan files' or something. But even after the scan I couldn't get in - it just kept going in a cycle of shutting itself down and rebooting. Or it would get half-way through booting and then stall again.

    When it finally did get as far as opening Windows and settling down I got a message saying 'This system has recovered from a serious error. Would you like to close all drivers connected with Giga technology.'

    I clicked 'yes' and tried to use my machine, but Cubase, Fruityloops and CrusherX all seemed to have been corrupted by the cycle of booting and shutting down, so I'm now faced with rebuilding the machine (assuming that the drives aren't pysically damaged of course).

    The only causes I can think of for the whole problem are either the CD drive or Gigastudio. The CD drive has always made a tremendous noise whenever it's actually got a disc in, right from day one. This might be normal fan activity, but I don't know, because no drive I've ever owned has made as much noise as this. I'm worried that maybe it was never installed properly and has now overheated and wrecked some circuitry.

    The other alternative, which seems to be suggested by the error messages is a problem with the GS drivers being unstable, although this seems strange as GS wasn't even open at the time. I've never disabled hyperthreading yet, and it never seemed to be a problem, but I'm wondering now if GS was suddenly objecting to it. Does GS hate hyperthreading enough to crash a machine over it?

    I'm getting GS3 any day in the post, so a rebuild was on the cards anyway, but I would like it if anyone could shed any light on this so that I don't let the same problem reoccur.

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    Re: How much does GS dislike hyperthreading?

    It sounds like you had a bad sector on the hard drive. I'd recommend a full Check Disk. (Right-click the disk, click properties, Tools tab, Error Checking - check "automatically fix file system errors" and "scan for and attept recovery of bad sectors")

    I doubt that this will fix the software problems, but it will identify bad sectors so they will be avoided in the future.


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    Re: How much does GS dislike hyperthreading?

    Tascam advises to disable hyper-threading before installing Giga3. Obviously they had testing issues with hyper-threading enabled. The error definitely sounds like a Giga related error. You'll need to shutoff the hyper-threading in the BIOS. Remember that Giga starts a service up when your computer is started even though Giga is not running.

    It sounds like you have corrupted files from shutting down the computer while it was in use. Orphan files can be caused if the file table gets corrupted. You can try running scandisk as mentioned before although it sounds like you'll need to reinstall some apps.

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    Re: How much does GS dislike hyperthreading?

    My computer crashed constantly until I disabled hyperthreading. With it disabled it seems to be as solid as a rock! Hyperthreading and Tascam do not mix...

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    Re: How much does GS dislike hyperthreading?

    Why does everyone's setup differ so much? Just installed Giga 3 with HT turned on, and guess what, its stable and performs much like I would expect it to. I wonder why different configurations vary such much in regards to HT? Doesn't make any sense. I mean, if it should work, it should work for everyone, you'd think.

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    Smile Re: How much does GS dislike hyperthreading?

    Thanks everyone. Particularly Kaatza - it's put my mind slightly at rest that HT and GS caused someone else's machine to crash, and that there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

    I also found that GS was stable for a long time before this problem occurred. I can only assume that something else that I've installed since (Cubase update, NI Komplete) has caused something to change.

    Anyway thanks again, and I'll go and see to that rebuild.

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