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Topic: Lord of the rings symphony...

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    Talking Lord of the rings symphony...

    Last night I went to the Lord of the Rings symphony at the Hollywood Bowl. It featured a full orchestra and 140 piece choir doing a 2 hour set of various scores from the film. It was one of the most incredible concerts I have ever been to. To hear this score live was truly breathtaking. I know that this has been done in various concert halls through out the world. Infact I beleive that Howard Shore is conducting this same symphony tonight at Royal Albert Hall in London. In any event if anyone hears of this in there area I highly recomend going and seeing it. Anyone else here attend one of these? Your thoughts?


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    Re: Lord of the rings symphony...

    I was thinking of going, but quite honestly I'm simply not too crazy about the LOTR soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, it fits the movie well and it is very well written, but aside from a couple of cues, it has never really grabbed me.

    Nonetheless I am sure that it was quite a show.
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    Re: Lord of the rings symphony...

    I saw it up here in Seattle at the Benaroya Hall -- simply incredible! The solo performances were great across the board, and they had some fantastic percussion players (the timpani was particularly highlighted throughout...)

    There have been mixed reactions to the LOTR soundtracks, but to me the music of Return of the King is singular, and expresses both emotional depth along with true power. To see this performed live was just over the top (quickest two hours I can remember).

    Glad you liked it too! I would have loved to see this performed by the LSO -- who of course did the original recordings. If only I could drop everything to fly to London for a symphony...


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    Re: Lord of the rings symphony...

    I saw the concert in Antwerp (Belgium) last spring, together with Maarten Spruijt and my son. It was a very nice happening, but I found the sound not "orchestral" enough, due to all the close miking. I really do like the sound of the original soundtracks, but I find it also hard to listen to an entire score without some yawning...

    Some photos of the happening:

    Video projection
    Jerome, Maarten and Peter

    Thanks to Christiaan van Laecke (scarie) for the photos

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    Re: Lord of the rings symphony...

    I saw it at the Sydney Opera House. It was fantastic.

    Even if you are not a big fan of the score, its pretty amazing to see around 250 musicians on the stage at one time.
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    Post Re: Lord of the rings symphony...

    I also saw the concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The show was wonderful, however there was a very serious imbalance between the 140 piece choir and the relatively small orchestra assembled. The recording orchestra used for the films numbered 100 pieces and as a result the orchestra was not overpowered by the choir. Unfortunately, with 140 voices, the 70 or 75 piece Hollywood Bowl orchestra battled the overpowering choir for the duration of the concert.

    Otherwise an enjoyable performance of a terrific score.


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