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Topic: random blue screen issues

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    random blue screen issues

    Hi I keep getting random blue screen problems on my main giga pc. I have been getting them from the get go, some times it was hardware related such as the hard drives not reading when I load up, sometimes it's problem it says in the regestry missing a DLL file, sometimes errors such as win 32k... I have not updated the service packs on it because that computer is not hooked up to internet. The only thing I can can think of is maybe that is an issue. Does it matter if I only get say service pack 1 or should I get all updates? Is it possible to d/l the updates on a cd then load from cd since I don't have access to internet? Any other ideas? Oh I'm running win Xp pro-


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    Re: random blue screen issues

    SP1 is fine. Update your BIOS and drivers while you're at it. There was a RAM stress test listed here a while back. That would be good to run too. It sounds to me as if you have flakey hardware or a bad driver.


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    Re: random blue screen issues

    BSOD┤s very often have a hardware related background. In fact I have tossed Giga3 around, showed it all corners of my studio with allkinds of impossble tasks and I did get freezes or program execution halts but never had a blue screen.

    I had blue screens last year when everytime I started playback or recording I would get a BSOD. It turned out that the power supply was only 350 Watt. Having 5 drives, several audio cards and USB stuff on one supply was simply too much. Every time the main samples drives was spinning up for a sample seek the power went below a critical level and the system shows the screen. New 500 W power supply made them disappear for ever.

    Did you have a system check-up utility like SiSoft Sandra look at your system? The freeware version can tell you a lot about your system, give suggestions for hardware updates or replacements. It even detects driver issues. No internet access makes it difficult to get all these things going...
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    Re: random blue screen issues

    Just in case, you might want to check here:


    I wonder if this might be related to a number of issues I am seeing on this forum.

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    Re: random blue screen issues

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    SP1 is fine. Update your BIOS and drivers while you're at it. There was a RAM stress test listed here a while back. That would be good to run too.
    its called prime95 i suggest this to all gigastudio useres.

    if you run this and it shows no calculation error within 1hour your memory is perfect. if not, change it asap because you have bad memory its so simple!

    another great tool is HDTach (look for the 3.x version!). its the best hd benchmark tool i could find.
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