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Topic: Another GPO update question

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    Another GPO update question

    Does anybody know if the update will contain improvements to the interface of the Kontakt player? The small, barely legible fonts of the Kontakt player are, in my opinion, the biggest weakness of the GPO package. Not surprisingly Gary and his immediate team had no control over this aspect of the product. But hopefully NI can be talked into remedying this design flaw.

    I can't understand what they were thinking when they designed the GUI, for example:

    -a nice big 'load' button but tiny fonts for instruments names
    -semi-transarent drop-down menus
    -a huge keyboard that can't be shrunk or 'folded up'
    - the need to move your mouse in a perfectly horizontal line to select instruments or miss your selection and be forced to go back a level.

    I think overall GPO is superbly designed but the NI Kontakt player GUI isn't up to the standard of thoughtfullness exhibited throughout the rest of the package.

    Anyway, I'd just love to see this addressed in a coming update.

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    Re: Another GPO update question

    There have been some improvements here.

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    Re: Another GPO update question

    Thanks Joseph, I'm looking forward to "seeing" the changes.

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