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Topic: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

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    Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

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    Wow--I was just oggling Kurzweil keyboards, and now I see this:


    They're filing for reorganization, apparently.

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    That's sad, I have to say. They haven't really been Kurzweil since people like David Fox (now at Sonic Implants) and Chris Martirano left, but the K250, 1000 series, and K2000 series were my main go-to instruments for years and years. There are other great synthesizers, of course, but the K2xxx always have the one sound you're looking for and can't find.

    I still use a K2500 every day as a controller, and I have several other of their instruments (although I don't use them much anymore): a 250RMX, two broken K250s in my garage (one of which belonged to Chick Corea - I have the road cases with "Chick Corea Elektrik Band" screened on them), and a 1000PX that just isn't worth selling for what they go for.

    It would be great if they get a third lease on life.

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    wow i have a full blown 2000. i guess its vintage now!

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    Apparently the piano business (and the Kurzweil subsidiary) is in bad shape: Young Chang only needed to cover $400,000. Not a small amount of money, but not enormous by today's standards. I imagine that this means they already have a huge debt load.

    Lets hope someone steps in to purchase Kurzweil, and not someone who will let it sink. (Creative held Emu and Ensoniq underwater for a long time, but now they both seem to be coming back. Wish they'd release an update of the ZR-76, though, and not the Halo: the exact same machine with a lot more memory and a hard drive. Still can't see why this would be so hard.)

    Maybe Tascam or NI or Steiberg will come in here and see the chance to either further develop the K2600 line (with much more memory and a big hard drive for samples and the VAST engine and Kurz effects, capable of loading giga pianos. Or take the technology and incorporate it into their software. My fear, though, is even this would take years and years.

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    (By the way, for Kurzweil owners, there are two forums for Kurzweil instruments at:


    It's a Logic forum, but scroll half-way down the page and click on Ye Old Syths to find a forum for general Kurz discussion and another on emergencies\repairs.)

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    Man, that's sad... Well, now thanks to the wonderful social justice of government meddling in private industry, Kurzweil is likely done, and so will be lots of people's jobs. Boy, those FTC boys really know how to stop those monopolies!

    Let this be an object lesson.

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    Actually, I'm not clear on the ruling---Young Chang is Korean, yes? So this was a Korean trade commission?

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    That wasn't the US government. Samick still wouldn't have a monopoly in this country if they bought YC.

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    It doesn't matter which government it was. The point is, this is what government does when it tries to regulate markets and industries beyond simply prohibiting fraud and theft.

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    Re: Kurzweil\Young Chang Bankruptcy

    Quiet down, Mr. Clear Channel.

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