I've discovered a missing sample in one of the .GIGs for the Vienna Giga Symphony.

The offending gig is "02 VIOLAS_looped-16". Specifically, the "10 VIOLAS_sustain_looped-16" instrument.

When I choose to view C4's mapping, I get the proper forte sample mapping ("VA-10L_mV_sus_f_C4"). However, the mezzo-piano sample is dreadfully wrong: "VA-10L_mV_sus_mp_C#3".

Looking in the sample library for the .gig, I don't see a C4 version of the mp sample.

Can anyone else see this? If so, do you think we could get it fixed somehow?
Any input would be great!

{EDIT} I did double-check the GIG on the distribution DVD. The C4 sample is NOT included, so it's not an installation snafu.