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Topic: Stacking and bank select

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    Stacking and bank select

    Has anyone been able to figure out how to activate/deactivate instrument stacking by sending bank select messages? The GS configuration manager has an option for setting the bank select number. My impression is that sending the matching bank select message should toggle instrument stacking mode. Doesn't seem to work, or maybe I'm not reading it right.

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    Re: Stacking and bank select

    There seems to be a bank select problem in general (though I haven't tested it). Hopefully this will be resolved in the next update. It's a nice solution that they came up with - assigning a really high, unused bank to the stacked instruments.

    For now I'm working with a sequencer more than a notation program, and I'm tending to use different articulations on different channels. With eight ports and 128 channels I haven't run out yet! When I work from notation (Sibelius), I prefer the bank/channel select method, since I want one staff and many articulations per instrument.


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    Re: Stacking and bank select

    Bank select has worked fine for me in the past as well as with GS3. I use it to emulate a pipe organ and put each organ division on a separate bank. When I want to change stops, I select the appropriate bank and program -- no problem. If it works, instrument stacking would allow me to load only the separate stops and combine them at will -- previously I created my own stop combinations by combining instrumetns (stops) in the editor. With a large organ, I'm going to use a whole lot less memory if instrument stacking works. The problem is that the only description of it is using it through the UI and the reference to setting the instrument stacking bank select value. In general, they've done a poor job of explaining how to use GS with external controllers IMO.

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