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Topic: Turning off diagnostic mode

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    Turning off diagnostic mode

    [I've asked for this feature since before v2.50 and can't seem to find it yet. Does anyone else need it?]

    If a computer running GS crashes or suffer a power failure, the next time GS starts, it will throw up a dialog requesting permission to run in diagnostic mode. I sometime use my GS computer as if it were a rack-mounted synth for live performace -- no keyboard, mouse, or display. GS is started automatically when Windows loads and all patch changes are managed from keyboard controllers. With GS2, I wrote a program to load GS and bypass the diagnostics dialog if present and then direct it to load a performance with all of the patches I wanted to use. With GS3, at least I can have it load a default performance, so I don't have to worry about that part. I still can't seem to find any way to bypass the diagnostics dialog though -- am I wrong?

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    Re: Turning off diagnostic mode

    You might try File | System Settings | Troubleshoot (tab) | Disable All Warnings (at the bottom left).

    I don't know if this would kill ALL warnings. If it does not, I think you should ask for it as a feature request, since it seems to be a very good idea for "blackbox" installations like yours.

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    Re: Turning off diagnostic mode

    I was hoping that would do it, but it doesn't. I submitted a new request, but I have no idea whether anyone at Tascam is listening -- of course they're probably pretty busy right now.

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    Re: Turning off diagnostic mode

    Another possible implementation would be to put an adjustable timer on the diagnostics screen. Default might be a minute. You would want it set at a second or so.


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