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Topic: Video tutorial

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    Video tutorial

    I recall that Tascam had a 50 dollar (or so) tutorial video available to explain GS 2.4.

    Is it no longer available? (I didn't see it on the Tascam site.)

    Am I correct in thinking that they don't have it because it doesn't cover the new version GS 3, and that.... hopefully they will come out with a version of the video made for Gigastudio 3.

    Does anyone know?


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    Re: Video tutorial


    there is one which covers GIGA 2.x. I can sell you mine, if you want 50USD incl. shipment, ...

    cheers, imusic :-)

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    Re: Video tutorial

    Thanks, but I think I'll wait and see if they come up with one for 3.0.


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    Re: Video tutorial

    yes, David Govett already preparing GS3 version of it.

    Koray Ustuner

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