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Topic: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

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    Smile SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    Dear Northernsounds community,

    Friday again! Time for the FIFTH SAM True Strike percussion freebie!

    After past week's big percussion, gran casa, snares, timpani bends, cymbals, tamtam, tambourine, brakes, xylophone and ambient Celesta freebies, let's take a look at:

    "The Dark Side of True Strike"
    Freebie patch #5 features a set of lower and darker sounds from SAM True Strike. "Gran casa + tamtam" ensemble hits, far mic timpani crescendo rolls and more.

    Mapping overview:
    C2 = Gran casa & large tamtam ensemble hit, MP, Far mic
    D2 = Timpani crescendo roll 2s, "E1", P > FF, Far mic
    E2 = Snare ensemble, snares off, crescendo roll 1s, P > FF, Far mic
    F2 = Low tom, crescendo roll 1s, P > MF, Far mic
    G2 = Thai Gong in "F", Far mic
    A2 = Brakes & Metal, muted tubes + metal hit, F, Far mic
    B2 = Large tamtam metal scratch, Stage mic

    Available for download now!
    If you haven't checked out our previous True Strike freebies, be sure to do so.


    All the best,

    The SAM Team

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    Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    Maarten - are the clocks really that fast where you're at? LOL I haven't even had dinner yet on Thursday night

    Thanks as always for the downloads - this is going to be a kicking library! - Best of luck!
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

    20 Things

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    Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    I'll pretend it's friday!!!!
    Thanks Maarten!!!!

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    Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    Can't wait to have those 15 meter miked snares :-)
    Btw it's friday here in Holland already.

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    Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    If it's Friday in Holland, I'm ready to party here!

    Thanks for the Freebies, Maarten! Most generous. The first four were great, and I look forward to checking these out.


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    Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    Thanks for all the freebies Maarten! These will come in very handy. I still use your other freebie sets of persussion on a regular basis. Not to mention all your brass as well . You guys Rock!

    Keep up the great work!!!

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    Thumbs up Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    Yes thanks!
    That Freebie timpani was also so awesome, the rolls fit perfect with the normal attack samples and... i use it everywhere since i got it

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    Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    Seriously Maarten, why do you keep giving away free samples? At this rate you're gonna give the whole library! I was sold after just the FIRST freebie. Little things like the grand casa/cymbal crash combination and dampened gong hits are fantastic. The one sustained cymbal crash you also provided is THE cymbal crash sound I've been looking for - and I have 10+ crash cymbals to choose from.

    Really looking forward to True Strike~

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    Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    Great stuff! Judging from the few samples I've heard of it, that timpani is easily the best sampled timpani I've ever heard - it actually has some air to it, it's not just dead thuds like many libraries have.

    I'm already setting aside the money for this.

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    Re: SAM True Strike freebie #5: "The Dark Side"

    The SAM team rocks!!! The freebies so far have been awesome!
    Kinda have to agree with A_Sapp though...

    Unfortunately the site is down for me right now, but I am sure that will be fixed soon...
    Works now....
    Last edited by christopher; 09-24-2004 at 07:21 AM. Reason: site works again

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