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Topic: Short intro... comments needed :)

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    Short intro... comments needed :)


    Some doodling I made tonight. Comments and advices more than welcome!
    100% GPO except for the choir chord at the end (SOV).


    I'm so tired...


    (link fixed)
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    Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    Wow, wow.

    Very nice Nino. For doodling, it's excellent. Heck, I can't compose that good when I'm trying. My doodles sound like ugh.

    However, the low quality of the file adds some noise to the track and the format is probably keeping some people from listening to this wonderful piece.

    I just can't believe how good this is.

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    Thumbs up Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    Wow, indeed! What a lovely spacious sound this noodling is! I'm envious!

    Delightful -- and any number of interesting cinematic visuals come to mind.

    Bravo! Encore! (and longer, please!)


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    Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    Thanks guys for the wonderful comments !
    The spacious sounds couldn't be without Ambiance (I think it's simply the best reverb I ever heard, but I'm still young so..)

    I still don't know if a solo flute should have that much presence among all those strings. Maybe you'll hear better on the mp3, and maybe you can tell me if some things don't sound as good as they could

    It was very nice to read such warm comments, then I have to make more !

    So yes, I uploaded an mp3 along with it ! I don't understand, at home even the lowest quality for .ogg sounds incredible compared to mp3 and is a lot smaller. (Come on guys! Get ogg you'll do yourself a favor! and it's free! )

    Thanks again !
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    Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    My only criticism: it's way too short! Terrific!

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    Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    MP3 = even better. Thank you so much for this song.


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    Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    For doodling when you are tired --- I can only say that you must have switched to an alpha state -- that when fully awake and concentrated allows you to move from fantasy tunes in your subconscious to realizing a narrative soundscape with texture, movement and spaciousness............

    Thanks for the snippet -- I hope it moves beyond its current state to a longer with the grace and cogency it demonstrates now. This is because I want to hear more!


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    Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    this has a "On Golden Pond theme by Dave Grusin" feel to it.... I love it!

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    Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    Nino Mojo


    It's like opening a sonic window to a panoramic vista. If this is doodling, I cannot wait to hear your serious work.

    More! More!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Short intro... comments needed :)

    Thanks everyone for the so nice comments!
    Well, I think I must have misunderstood the meaning of the word "doodling" (I'm not a native speaker sorry). I was serious when making this, I just meant I wasn't really hoping to get something good, I didn't know where I was going, I was kind of improvising... I was just a bit surprised to see something appearing in that mess, so I thought I could share it here. I'm really glad people here like it, I'm already continuing it with some piano I hope I find some time to do it right (because I never finish stuff.. shame on me)

    So what the **** does "doodling" mean exactly ??

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