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Topic: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

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    Exclamation And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    This is highly OT, but of high interest to many - including especially those of us who live in 'Hurricane Alley' (the state that used to be called Florida).

    Once again we're getting ready to hunker down, as Hurricane Jeanne is due to hit Florida within the next couple of days. By my count, this will be the fourth hurricane to hit FL within just the last 5 weeks or so. The Bahamas, parts of which suffered a Category 5 hit by Hurricane Frances just a few weeks ago, are going to get yet another damaging visit ... the eye is forecast to move over the Abacos (small group of islands in the Bahamas), where Hurricane Frances parked herself for nearly a day.

    Here's an excellent weather website (run by NOAA) about this year's record hurricane season. If you have broadband, you'll enjoy numerous excellent photos:

    My main studio remains packed in hurricane proof storage, and I haven't taken down the storm shutters since I first put them up for Hurricane Charley 4 or 5 weeks ago ... I'm grateful that GPO runs on my laptop :-)


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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    Florida has always been my favorite state to visit and I have plenty of friends and relatives living there. Let's pray this is the last of this menacing weather for a long time.
    Take care and keep in touch.

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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!


    Stay safe. Looks like we're going to get a direct hit again in Orlando.

    I just got a HUGE pile of downed trees from Charley and Frances removed from around my house this past week. Oh well.

    -- Martin

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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    Well, so far in the Jacksonville Florida area, we have been fortunate enough to only experience minor wind and rain that was associated with each of the other hurricanes this year. This time, assuming that the forcasters are correct, we just might be exposed to the real thing. Time will tell; sure hope the forcasters are wrong!

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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    good to hear you're still alive and well Trond!

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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    Watching on the news and seeing the next Hurricane making its way to Florida. It seems like deja vu all over again.

    Trond, Danielle, daveporter, alland2010, mschiff, A_Sapp and other Floridian members - be safe. If there is anything the forum members can do let us know.

    As we did with the last hurricane, let's do a Florida Roll Call so that we know that you all made it through this safely.

    Take care members in Florida.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    Thanks Gary. I just finished boarding up the house and will go to my sister's house for Yom Kippur break fast around 5:30. Tropical storm winds are supposed to arrive by 10:30, so we'll be coming back early.

    This is getting monotonous.

    -- Martin

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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    hey FL guys be safe.
    My wife and I just got back after evabuating for Ivan. No fun (24hrs in our car).
    Be safe. I know it;s like storm fatigue, but do what you got to do.


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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    Well, here in Jacksonville we experienced 65 mph gusts yesterday and last night. We made it through pretty well, however, we did have some roof shingle damage this time. Our home has a "hip type" roof system and therefore has a number of ridges where the different roof planes meet. One of those hip ridges lost its cover of cap shingles.

    Thank goodness the underlaying roof materials (tar paper and first layer of lower shingles) did not get pulled up with the top cap shingles, therefore, we did experience any water damage.

    I have been calling every roof contractor in town since early this morning and all of them are so busy they can't even give me a guess as to when they can fix my roof. I just hope that the underlying roof materials don't start leaking any time soon.

    How about the other Florida folks?

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    Re: And Now .... Here's Jeanne !!!

    HI Gang,

    Got home from my evacuation yesterday afternoon. I was lucky, once again the eye passed just north of us, and we were on the 'safe' side of the eye. The season is just over half done, so I'm leaving my studio in storage, and keeping my bags packed. :-)

    How about you, Martin, up in Orlando? This makes three for you, doesn't it?


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