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Topic: Optimising DirectSound Latency

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    Question Optimising DirectSound Latency

    Can anyone help please
    Is it possible to adjust the sample buffer size used by DirectSound under Windows XP to reduce excessive latency? When using an ASIO 2.0 driver I can achieve around 7 msec latency using my Direct Pro LX6 audio card; however, when using the WDM DXi driver it sounds more like 500 msec from MIDI In to Wav Out! The WDM DXi driver itself doesn't have any adjustment available in the 'Properties' tab, in fact, it has no options at all. So, is there any adjustment I can make in XP itself? The Workstation is built round a 3.1GHz Pentium 4 and the Direct Pro LX6 card has its own built in DSP processor so I doubt if I have a hardware limitation.

    Many Thanks

    Alan T

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    Re: Optimising DirectSound Latency

    Forget WDM, they are just too slow. Just use ASIO and you will get excelent results, even with the cheapest audio cards.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Optimising DirectSound Latency

    Man, take a look at this, EXTREMELY interesting.

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