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Topic: No installed VM ports with Giga3

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    Possible Virtual Midi port problem with Giga3

    This is a small beef that I just thought non-savy users should know about since no one else is inclined to mention it and I couldn't believe that this wasn't flagged before now. Giga 3 does not install any virtual midi ports. It was surpising to me that there were no VM ports installed in the installation procedure. I mean, its no big deal to me since I use Maple anyway, but I can see the less savy users scratching their heads over it. Does anyone know why Tascam ditched their VM ports in favor of making users fend for themselves. Or did my install process miss something, cause they sure aren't there? Just thought I'd let the noobs know.

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    Re: No installed VM ports with Giga3

    For Orchestra you should have 8 virtual midi ports. As far as I can tell operation is the same as for GS160/96.

    Keyboard configuration: Use the menus GS to select the external MIDI port that your keyboard is connected to. Play keyboard, hear Giga.

    Then click on the tiny keyboard icon in the lower right (or click the launch sequencer button) in order to enter the...

    Sequencer configuration: Use the menus in the sequencer to select one or more of Giga's VM ports.


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    Re: No installed VM ports with Giga3

    Maybe on a rewire sequencer, but that don't work when you're using a sequencer that doesn't cost 800 dollars. Sorry there are no midi Giga ports available unless you use a rewire sequencer. Them's the breaks.

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    Re: No installed VM ports with Giga3


    I'm not using rewire. I've got Sonar 3 Studio, and the GigaPorts show up fine. The configuration of MIDI devices in Sonar 3 is the same as for my old Cakewalk Home 7. I've no doubt that I could get CWH7 to see the Giga ports too.

    Just last night I set up MOL+. The virtual Giga ports showed up in the MOL+ control panel, and I was able to tell the MOL MIDI-from-LAN input to forward its commands to the Giga port.

    It sounds to me like there was a problem with your GS3 installation. Are you running an RME board? In my installation I definitely have Giga ports that other applications can see without rewire.

    Open your registry and take a look at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32 Maybe, you've hit the Windows limit described here: http://www.rme-audio.de/english/faq/10entrye.htm


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    Re: No installed VM ports with Giga3

    I'm using an Audiophile 24/96. I can post a picture of my possible outputs, there are five (the four Maple ports and my Delta midi port.) I have no ports associated with Gigastudio showing up in Overture. So far I have to use Maple's cables, which work fine. I just didn't understand why I wasn't seeing the others. Hmmm... I'll look at it again tonight. This article states 10 devices for 32 bit midi drivers. I can look into that as well. I hate to reinstall Giga though.

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    Re: No installed VM ports with Giga3

    I have eight ports... however what you may be tripping over is the bug in the GS3 MIDI driver (that has been most commonly associated with RME hardware midi problems but in actuallity is a GS bug).

    GS's midi driver isn't installed properly. A subsequent installation of any sort of MIDI interface will blow away the GS virtual ports.

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