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Topic: Are You a Forum Junkie?

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    Are You a Forum Junkie?

    There's a new 'Internet Deprivation Study' that's been published that writes about internet withdrawal.

    People who participated in the study were deprived of the internet for two weeks, and found themselves experiencing 'withdrawal and feelings of loss, frustration and disconnectedness.' Of 1,000 web addicts, it was found that 48 per cent of respondents could not go without the internet for two weeks.

    "The internet has become, to some, the ultimate symbol of modernity to the point that participants were hobbled without convenient access to routine information like maps and telephone numbers. The pervasive nature of the internet is such that participants often forgot or lost the desire to use 'old fashioned tools' like the phone book, newspapers and telephone-based customer service." (I miss my World Book Encyclopedia).

    Wenda Harris Millard writes "This study is entirely indicative of the myriad ways that the internet, in just ten short years of mainstream consumer consumption, has irrevocably changed the daily lives of consumers. This is true to the extent that it was incredibly difficult to recruit participants for this study, as people weren't willing to be without the internet for two weeks."

    Is the internet really an addiction? And is this necessarily a bad thing? Also, Is there the danger of forgoing real human contact in favor of the virtual world?

    I would like to know your thoughts.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Are you a Forum "Junkie"?

    My name is Joseph Burrell and I'm addicted to the GPO forum...

    Yes, I'm an internet addict and I do think that there is a reasonable number of people who feel the need to connect this way and genually feel withdrawn when not able to interact via the internet. I certainly feel different when I haven't been on in, say, 20 minutes.

    Also, it does have some impact on my daily life. My wife often comments on how I should just install the pleasantries in my office so that I never have to leave.

    But hanging out here is just too much fun. I never would have met some of the most outstanding individuals. As with all things, there's upsides and downsides to it I guess. I keep telling myself, moderation is key, moderation is key.

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    Re: Are You a Forum Junkie?

    I absolutely could not do it. Forum junkie, email junkie, info junkie, Tangleword junkie... all of the above.

    Unfortunately, I WILL have to do it. I will be on a 12-day cruise, and out of the country for a total of 18 days for my upcoming Honeymoon. I wouldn't do it for anything else, though!
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Talking Re: Are You a Forum Junkie?

    I would love to continue this conversation in person, would all of you please come over/up/down to MD for a little chat?

    Or….. We could just use the GPO forum
    Aaron Clark, C/C++, J2EE, Flash, Perl and PHP programming.
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    Re: Are You a Forum Junkie?

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    Is the internet really an addiction?

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    And is this necessarily a bad thing? Also, Is there the danger of forgoing real human contact in favor of the virtual world?
    No, its not a bad thing and no there is no danger of this - I actually know many people who interact online better than in person, some for mental/physical reasons and some for time issues... having conversations online allows you to multitask in new ways... I can talk with four different people at the same time thru IMs where in the "real" world it would have taken all day to get thru those convos - just look at our phone bills Gary when you and I get going - lol.

    Also Gary, if we relied on "real" world contact I would not know you - or any NS member for no one here lives in my tiny town... in fact, no one in this town even knows what a sample lib IS, let alone buys and discusses them...

    I think the internet is a wonderful, convienent, time consuming, creative, slow, high-speed, awkward, friendly, insane tool that has enriched'ly destroyed my personal life... haha - just kidding.

    Ok - off to go make some lunch....

    ...well, maybe I'll hang out for a min more. No, gotta eat, haven't eaten in two days... haven't left my chair in 12 hours...

    ok - seriously, time for lunch - oh! - a new IM buddy just signed on - gotta say hi to him first... "how are ya? yeah? cool? - gotta make some lun- oh, one new email has arrived - time to go read tha- oh - someone responded to my post on NS - off to.... arg - I never have any free tim- phone ringing... :P
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
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    Exclamation Re: Are You a Forum Junkie?

    Well, lets see.
    If I go out of my office I may get jumped.
    When I go home, one of my four children is on the phone, one is in front of my TV playing video games, one is one her phone, and the last one is in the one and only bathroom in the house making herself look like a hip hop star. Oh, and the wife, she usually is watching Oprah until it is time to take the oldest boy to football.
    So, I am on the forum, can I do without it? ... bite me!

    Wow, a honeymoon ... what's that?

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    Re: Are You a Forum Junkie?

    Yeah Alan, well I am sending you 60 more ims so stick around bud!

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    Re: Are You a Forum Junkie?

    Hey, I'm not an internet junkie... I can handle it... I wasn't online for the past 7 days... See? I can go without it... well okay, I was driving across the country in a moving truck... and actually, I did go online with my Pocket PC at one of the hotels I stayed at... so yeah, I have a problem!
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    Re: Are You a Forum Junkie?

    This is a BIG subject. I just created a virtual soapbox and wrote a long, long reply expounding about personal computing and the web; what it is, what it is not, etc.,

    and then I deleted it before posting.

    It's all been said many times before, and will be said many times again, anyway. And yes, I do struggle with it.

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    Talking Re: Are You a Forum Junkie?

    Once again Gary, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head...if there's forum I'm addicted to, it's this one. I love Photoshop and I keep up with the Adobe forum, but it doesn't have a life like this one does.

    This one has a spirit, a joy...a song in its heart, if you will.

    There's something unique about music and this forum captures it whole. If you've helped make me an addict, then I'm grateful for the addiction!

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