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Topic: Cross Fade stacked instruments?

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    Cross Fade stacked instruments?


    Cant find anything in the manual..so could someone please explain it to me or point me to a place in the manual where I can find it?

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    Re: Cross Fade stacked instruments?

    Each stacked instrument can have it's own midi controller value.

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    Re: Cross Fade stacked instruments?

    Well...since i'm not a midi wizard that only helps me a tad.. although a bit... but not enough for me to have something to work on

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    Re: Cross Fade stacked instruments?

    Well, what are you using to drive GS? What sequencer (or MIDI)? Look at the midi-mixer screen and note where the volume control is on the individual instruments. If you click on the right side (I think I'm doing this from memory right now), it will pop up a list of midi controls. You can set up each one to something different. Then either using real controls on your midi controller bound to these settings, or by inserting the appropriate things in your sequencer/notation program, you can change these values.

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    Re: Cross Fade stacked instruments?

    Right... So I set that to Crossfade... Then how do I get GS to understand that when I move the modwheeel that its supposed to crossfade between the two instruments?

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    Re: Cross Fade stacked instruments?

    Someone must know?

    I want to be able to cross fade a p instrument, into the f version of teh same instrument, and I want to do it via the stacked instrument capabilities of GS3 if possible, rather than doing an edit of the instrument

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    Re: Cross Fade stacked instruments?

    Hi Marcussen,

    It can't be done. There are two reasons: First GS3 only lets us automate the overall volume for the channel. Second GS3 doesn't let us invert the controls.

    I just took a look at the automation for GS3 and it seems to have taken a big step backwards from GS2.5. This is really unfortunate.

    If you open NFX1 in the DSP section and right click a control you can automate it. You used to be able to invert the control and set the control range. Now these features are grayed out.

    I'm hoping that these features come back soon. Lets say you want to tie a high frequency shelf to the expression control. You can do that today, but the only possibility is to have the shelf move at full range with the expression. That may be too much, but we can't adjust it with the current limitation.

    Let's hope that inversion and scaling are implemented in a future update. We had the features in GS2.5. Hopefully they left 3.00 only terporarily, due to schedule pressure.


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    Re: Cross Fade stacked instruments?

    damn...I thought this was the brilliant idea behind Stacked instruments? It alone would be worth the purchase!

    So if I understand correctly Stacked instruments only function is to have two instruements play at the same time in unison? I guess I fail to see the potential


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