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Topic: Cubase crashes after installing GS 3

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    Cubase crashes after installing GS 3


    I'm new here and I hope, this theme wasn't post yet, I didn't find this problem discribed here.
    Okay, I bought a GS 3 solo and the installation was without problems. When i started GS and it works fine. Then I tried to use my sequencer, Cubase VST and the PC crashes with a bluescreen. It looked like a page fault. After newstarting I tried to open cubase as stand alone and it crashes again. When I disable the msg32.exe in taskmanager, cubase wroks again, but during its start there is an errormessage about Gigastudio. Hm! Under GS 2.5 everythings work fine. Can the reason be the ability of GS 3 to work with VSTI's? What can I do to work together in GS and cubase like before? My system: P 4 3 Ghz, 1GB RAM two harddrives about 60 GB and terratec soundcard dmx6fire 24/96.

    Thanks Kai

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    Re: Cubase crashes after installing GS 3

    It sounds like GS3 and Cubase are pointing to the same audio outputs. Does your soundcard have multiple outs? If so, point GS3 to one set and Cubase to another.


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    Re: Cubase crashes after installing GS 3

    Hi JF,

    I'm not so firm in these things, so I can't you tell exactly, if my card has more than one output. But I think, if you mean audio, it has only one output, called 6fire wave. I will copy in a description, how to configuring cubase and GS:

    "Configuring Cubase And GigaStudio
    To play the GigaStudio samples from Cubase on the same machine, you
    must follow these steps:
    1. Open the GigaStudio Hardware Setup panel and configure (select) the
    audio ports on the Multi-client, GSIF compatible sound card used by
    Giga for its outputs. Hit “Apply”
    2. Configure Cubase VST as the preferred sequencer used by GigaStudio
    in the Settings>General page in the GigaStudio application. Hit “Apply”
    3. Close GigaStudio.
    4. Open the ASIO Multimedia Setup within Cubase. Disable the ports in
    use by GigaStudio and enable the ports on the GSIF audio device you
    wish to use with Cubase. These must be different than the ports used by
    5. Open the Setup MME app (Start>Programs>Steinberg>Cubase>Setup
    MME) and configure the Nemesys MIDI out Port x for the preferred MIDI
    out device for Cubase.
    6. Open GigaStudio and then launch Cubase by clicking the sequencer
    button on the toolbar (music staff icon)."

    In the ASIO-Multimedia Setup there is only 6fire wave present. Because its the only entry, I can't delete it. In GS, under the topic ports, there is: gigaOut: Port 1 /control. This port I used in the description above under point 5 in Setup MME as preferred MIDI out device. But the bluescreen comes again
    Today I found out some strange things: I start my PC with disabled msg32.exe. Cubase works normally. Then I called the msg32.exe. Wow, cubase and the PC are still alive! Now I start GS and it works too! I play a sound via my keyboard and it works. I change to cubase, open a VSTI and the VSTI plays too. In the second MIDI line in cubase there is to find as MIDI-device GigaOut:Port 1 /control. But if I go to this line and play my keyboard, nothing is to hear from the GS. I guess, the reason is because I started both applications separately instead of using the sequencerbutton from within the GS. But if I close everything, starts the GS and then cubase, the PC goes in blue.
    Thats for now. Can you exactly explain to me, how I must Cubase and GS have to configure? As I told yesterday, in the version 2.54 everything works fine, from the first moment. I believe, the crash comes because of the using of the VSTI's in both applications, could it be?

    Thanks Kai

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    Re: Cubase crashes after installing GS 3

    I looked at the 6fire spec, and it looks like it has multiple outputs, so that should be fine. The website didn't mention GSIF. Strange.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a 6fire, don't use Cubase nor VSTis, so I can't really help. Maybe your configuration would work better in rewire mode?


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    Re: Cubase crashes after installing GS 3

    Hi JF,

    this card is GSIF compatible, this I know surely. But what do you mean with multiple outputs? The number of speakers, but I believe, that you didn't mean this. Rewiremode I didn't try yet, because I haven't finished reading the manual. Perhaps do you know the technical differences between version 2.5x and 3? I guess, here is the key for my problem. By the way, what a soundcard do you use?

    Thanks Kai

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    Re: Cubase crashes after installing GS 3

    Mine did the same thing exactly. You have to disable hyper-threading in the bios otherwise it will continue. This sucks because you should at the very, very least be able to use Cubase SX, without using GS3, but with hyper-threading enabled, then disable hyper-threading when you need to use GS3, but that's not the case. Horrible, horrible behavior on GS3's part to bring down the OS, when it is not even being used - only when being scanned by Cubase. I've got a seperate partition now for GS3 and run GS2.54 on the other until they get the hyper-threading bugs worked out.


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    Re: Cubase crashes after installing GS 3

    Hi Fizbin,

    yeah, the price is for you! You are right, I disabled HT in the BIOS and the two programs working bilateral. But I can't play Giga in cubase, the multiclient don't seem to work. But for this I'll make a new thread.

    Thank you Kai

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    Re: Cubase crashes after installing GS 3

    Have you enable Re-wire in GS3?

    If so - you must disble hyperthreading in Bios. Otherwise Cubase will crash during boot - when it initialises GS3.

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    & Creative Director, SCARBEE

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