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Topic: LCD Screens

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    LCD Screens

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    Hey everyone...
    I need 19" lcd screens, 2 of them. I want 3 but that depends on the prizes. But I was wondering where are they cheapest? where did you buy them? what do you have?
    How about ebay? some costs 50$ (well the lowest bid is on that I guess)

    Any thoughts, hints or tips on this?

    Kind Regards
    Audun Jemtland

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    Re: LCD Screens

    The thing to watch out for when buying monitors on ebay is dead pixels.

    I'm very happy with the two AG Neovo X-174s I have, but those are 17" and not 19". If I didn't have them, I'd probably go with 20" Apple Cinema displays.

    I know the 20" shows more pixels than 17s (which show 1280 x 1024), but I'm not sure that 19s do - i.e. the 19s may just give you a larger picture. That's useful if your eyesight requires it, but it won't be as sharp.

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    Re: LCD Screens

    There was a topic on LCD monitors on a consumers tv-programme here. They said all but one manufacturer (Philips) guarantee to deliver dead-pixel-free screens. Some manufacturers only take the screens back if there are multiple dead pixels. I'd recommend you to ask to test them in the store before buying them.

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    Re: LCD Screens

    Fry's has had some good sale prices on Sharp LCD monitors recently. Unlike lots of brands, Sharp makes their own LCD panels.

    Full disclosure: I work for a subsidiary of Sharp.

    Edit: Here's are the 19" monitors on the Outpost (Fry's) website: http://shop1.outpost.com/category/Ou...anel+Monitors/


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