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Topic: Current Composer of Choice

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    Current Composer of Choice

    Ok, so most of us ARE composers so I would natually think that most of us listen to quite a bit of music, so why not get some names out there and tell us which scores are currently in your CD player.

    1) James Newton Howard - The Village
    Beautiful, nuff said. One of my favorite works of my favorite composers.

    2) Hans Zimmer - King Arthur
    Besides the solo vocal work it's a fairly good score, very darkly heroic.

    3) Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 3 (Game)
    What can I say, I love ambient stuff and this guy has some interesting stuff in his work, although it isn't half as creepy as when you are playing the game.

    James W.G. Smith

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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    1) The Village - James Newton Howard

    2) Hellboy - Marco Beltrami
    All the elements of a classic dark comic strip hero score, but by a composer whose music I hadn't really heard before. Makes it a very refreshing listen.

    3) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Edward Shearmur
    We haven't had an all out classic heroic adventure score for a while that I can think of. This one does the business. A bit cliched perhaps, but cliches with style.


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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    I'm guessing you mean film scores?

    The French Connection - Don Ellis

    I saw the films for the first time last week and thought they had gritty scores to match the story so I bought the CD. Its fascinating listening although, as with most scores, you need to hear them in context to really appreciate them.

    Some like it hot - Adolf Deutsch

    Classic stuff!.
    Trev Parks

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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    John Williams - Star Wars Episode 1 & 2.
    There are some great new themes in those soundtracks.

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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    i'd say Hans Zimmer for Beyond Rangoon, Hannibal and the thin red line

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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    I'm just not a film score person. Recently I pulled out Stravinsky's Symphony In Three Movements and Magnification by Yes (DVD-A multichannel, baby!!)

    The last score I remember going, "Wow, that's cool" over was The Others.

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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    Here's what's in my CD player:

    1.) Mahler's 2nd Symphony (Abbado/Chicago Symphony).
    A fantastic performance of what I consider to be the greatest work of orchestration ever written.

    2.) Bruckner's 4th Symphony (Jochum/Berlin Philarmonic).
    I'm not all that familiar with this piece, but I like what I'm hearing.

    3.) The Firebird - Stravinski (Boulez/Chicago Symphony).
    I learn something new every time I listen to this piece.

    4.) The Empire Strikes Back - John Williams.
    I'm always pulling this one out. I think this is one of William's most musically bold and creative scores, and definitely one of his best.

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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    1) Brahms 4th symphony
    2) Tchaikovsky 6th symphony
    3) John Williams Greatest Hits 1969-1999

    All highly recommended.

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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    Horner - Beautiful Mind
    Debney - Passion of the Christ
    Newman - Road to Perdition

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    Re: Current Composer of Choice

    1. Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands
    2. Hovaness - Star David
    3. Debussy - Random Stuff

    Good Music.

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