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Topic: Popping

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    I currently own Gigasampler 160. Every now and again I get pops in the music. It seems to me that this might be caused by polyphony limitations. Is this possible? If this is the case, will Orchestra Gigasampler 3 remedy some of this problem if my computer can handle it? I would really like to know before I put more money into this problem.

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    Re: Popping

    Tim, popping and other audio glitches are potentially related to several issues. Upgrading to GS 3 will most likely NOT resolve these issues, but there are several things you can do to troubleshoot, AND resolve the issue. Read the info on this link. It relates to Win2000, but should apply also to WinXP:


    Also, this was written for Delta Audiophile 2496 users, but would apply to other cards to a certain degree as well.

    BTW, I have NO glitches in either 2.5 or 3.0, but it took some adjustments I made after reading this info. Another odd finding: when I switched from an ATI video card to a nVidia card, suddenly my latencies went down dramatically (well, ok, from 5ms to 0ms). Since installing 3.0, I am using a latency of 2ms (secondary to DMA buffer size of 128 from 64) to avoid pops n clicks. Also, if I use an Gigapulse convolutions, I need to go to 256 DMA to completely avoid pops n clicks. I am running at 24bit, 44K.

    Are you running sequencer software on the same machine?


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