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Topic: Blind Reviews

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    Exclamation Blind Reviews

    As some of us have discussed on the weekly IRC sessions, I am a big believer in “blind reviews”. If an anonymous reviewer can hear your piece without knowing anything about it (except, perhaps, a genre classification) then the ratings and comments that person gives aren't swayed by (a) being afraid of offending a fellow forum guy/gal OR (b) information about who did what. Personally, I find this sort of feedback some of the most telling and honest that I have received almost anywhere.

    To my knowledge, the only place you can get that now is on Broadjam.com. Just so you understand the terminology, a “blind review” is when a peer selects your genre of music (or is okay with letting the genre be “random”). He/she is them “handed” a piece during which time he/she does NOT know the title, performer or anything else of a descriptive nature about the piece.

    Today, I finally posted my "Elegy for the Fallen" piece up on Broadjam and just got the first review. (It was most recently "previewed" to the GPO forum here: http://www.kevintweedy.net/Preview/MusicPreview.htm - on Sep 3.)

    Interestingly, this first review is from a self-proclaimed "hiphop producer" (!) but I thought you'd enjoy GPO being mistaken for "Vienna". (The rating points, as in "5/5" indicate "top marks" possible.)

    Review of Song: Elegy for the Fallen - Orchestral Fantasy 2004-4

    General Overview

    Do you listen to this genre on a regular basis? --
    What Genre is most appropriate for this song? New Age
    What is an appropriate title for this song? BEAUTY

    Song Analysis

    Originality of Song 5/5
    Does this song have market potential? 5/5
    Quality of Instrumentation 5/5
    Quality of Arrangement 5/5
    Would you like to hear more from this artist? 5/5


    Quality of Recording 5/5
    Overall Rating 5/5

    Positive Comments

    Im a hiphop producer. I have to say this arrangment of tracks is BEAUTIFULL. Excellent for television, or movies. Excellent samples. Vienna series? THe cello sounds redicilous (that means good).lol. Awesome song.

    Constructive Comments

    My only critique is that I would have loved to hear this arrangement played by a real orchestra. The composer, and whoever arranged this piece with keyboards, did a PHENOMENAL job, but Id still love to hear this from an orch. Siccc piece (thats good too)
    I originally shared this review with Gary and Tom mainly because this reviewer (a) knows about samples and (b) assumed it was the “Vienna Series”. While his particular area is as a “hiphop producer” I think his comments are illuminating.

    fwiw ... KevinKauai

    P.S. As is sometimes my method, this particular piece is not solely GPO as I have used "Full Strings Sordino and Full Strings WARM SusV EXP" from GOS/Lite because I sometimes prefer playing the string sections as sections (i.e., with both hands) rather than as individual lines.

    DISCLAIMER: Broadjam.com is a PAY service. I believe they have three levels of membership and the top one is $99.95 per year. I am not now nor have I ever been associated with Broadjam in any manner other than as one of their paying members, so pardon this if it seems like a commercial. I truly do value their service and have only recently renewed for a second year.

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    Talking Re: Blind Reviews

    There is no "right" or "wrong" when commenting on music, is there? My point in discussing this in threads of the past (and this "review" by a self-proclaimed "hip-hop producer") is for no other purpose than to fuel the discussion. In the end, your analysis is "spot on": whatever one thinks about a particular piece of music (or a particular composer/performer/artist-of-whatever persuasion) it is ultimately subjective and must be taken in that light. While some critics can muster information/evidence of more weight (or less) I, like you, don't take whether I am going to hear/see/experience that particular piece of "art" from solely one judgment.

    My point in posting the original part of this thread was to point out the amazing "trick" that GPO had upon this particular listener's ears (i.e., thinking it was the Vienna samples).

    play on! KevinKauai

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    Re: Blind Reviews

    I'm a Broadjam member too.

    But,, perfect review after perfect review, is exciting at first,
    but gets boring and predictable, and ultimatly useless after while.

    I think i'm getting out, end of the year. Just dont see the point.
    I've never gotten any work through Broadjam.
    Probably cause its a bunch of musicians needing work.

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