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Topic: First GPO piece: Ave Maria for string quartet

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    First GPO piece: Ave Maria for string quartet


    This is my first try at orchestration. I chose the string quartet because handing 4 instruments was enough for me the first time. Of course, this is also my first GPO piece.

    You can download it from http://membres.lycos.fr/larochepfr/ , selecting Ave Maria.mp3 (I am sorry, but direct link does not seem to work).

    I am seeking for any comment, advice, remark about this tiny piece and the way it is rendered with GPO.

    Thank you in advance.
    Pierre Laroche

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    Re: First GPO piece: Ave Maria for string quartet


    I think you got the base here for a nice redidition, but it needs a bit of refinement. Since you're working with a string quartet, I approach it by working each instrument individually. I'd analyze just the violin 1. Change the velocities for dramatic effect. The velocities all sound the same to me now. Read in the manual about the legato control. This piece would be perfect for it. Don't be afraid to use modulation. Make each phrase "sing". Once the 1st violin is right, move to the other instruments. I just listened once, and I'm not sure if I heard any tempo changes. If not, slight ritards or accelerandos can make it sound much more real. Good start.


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    Smile Re: First GPO piece: Ave Maria for string quartet


    Thank you for the advice. I will try them I soon as I have some time. GPO is an incredible library, but it will take me some time to master it.

    Pierre Laroche

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