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Topic: How to learn "EDIT MODE"???

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    I am not new to GS but basically have never used the instrument editor. It seems like there are quite a few steps to go through to create an instrument. At this point I only want to combine samples from different instruments on to the same instrument. If I have an existing instrument and want to add samples from another instrument , what is happening is this: I try to "import samples" but when the dialogue box comes up, the only type of files available are WAV files.These are the actual type of files that live in the Gig file right?When I try to load a sample, the directory where I keep all of the Gig files is blank. Why? Obviously I am missing something, but at the beginning of the online help these are the steps that are described.
    If someone could explain this basic process I am trying to achieve, I could probably take it from there.

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    Re: How to learn "EDIT MODE"???


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