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Topic: Thundering cinema sound

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    Thundering cinema sound

    Hey all...

    In the Man On Fire Score,
    what bass sound is used in this score? If you know please share.

    It's the sub bass I am wondering about.

    listen to: pita's sorrow and Creasy's room.....in creasy's room the bass only hits once at around 00:17.

    A sound that is often heard in theaters making a soothing and smooth feeling.

    I don't know if this is a common thing for people from media ventures... Trevor Rabin and Harry Gregson are the ones using it the most.

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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    Sounds like a simple bass pad to me.

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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    A (softsynth?) moog, at very low pitch I would say. Although I don't have a subwoofer here at home, and the frequency response of my speakers isn't great at 40-50 hz...

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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    On keyboard the bass and the octave below... hmm..its a lowfi sound.

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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    Just some bass sound, EQ'ed up to have mostly fundamental and very little overtones. Could be a regular short-bow sound, could be a synth...not much mystery to it.

    Put enough Maxx-Bass or R-Bass on, and you get this sound.

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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce A. Richardson
    Just some bass sound, EQ'ed up to have mostly fundamental and very little overtones.
    Which means a synth using a sinewave type bass patch would do it. Just find the note in a low octave and go to town!

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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    If I may believe my cheap computer speakers, then this is nothing more than double bass pizzicatos.

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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    Umpff, sorry my English! I wrote: "The bass and the octave below" -I mean octave "beneath it" "under it" or so...

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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    I agree with Alex, the quality isnt the best as its streaming, but it sounded like a muffled bass pizz to me.
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    Re: Thundering cinema sound

    Hey, some of those tracks are real plot spoilers; "She's dead" and "You're her Father" kind of give it away.

    I havent seen the film yet.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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