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Topic: remastering troubles

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    remastering troubles

    i'm not sure, but in most of my tracks the overall volume is really low. evey remastering trick i try in sound forge ends up making tons of clips. i thought maybe my bass was too intense n' i wasn't noticing. or some instruments were too loud. so i tried messing with the volume on some of the instruments in some tracks and i couldn't pull off any significant volume increase without changing the song substantially. i donno. there's still a few things i wanna try. but while i'm messing with em, do you guys have any remastering tips?

    are there any plugins that can amplify the track, and stop an exact sound wave from being clipped? like... pushing every wave to the volume increase i want. then stopping the increase on sound waves that can't be pushed any further. while still increasing the others..

    here's an example of one song that doesn't have a high enough volume:

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    Re: remastering troubles

    Waves L3 is as good as they come, but it is not cheap. On a budget, you might try Izotope's Ozone. Very nice for the money...not cheap, either, but lots of stuff for the cash.

    You should be able to use Wave Hammer to avoid clips, though. I think it has a brickwall limiter, and it would be included free in your Sound Forge bundle. That's the cheapest option of all.

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    Re: remastering troubles

    There is also Elephant @ Voxengo
    A great limiter at a great price.

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    Re: remastering troubles

    Yes, Bruce:

    Wave Hammer™ Mastering Tools:

    Sound Forge provides you with the tools you need to create high-quality audio masters! Wave Hammer includes a classic compressor and volume maximizer, allowing you to limit the dynamic range of your audio and add punch to your recordings. Boost overall signal levels without clipping or distorting your sound, or limit a signal's peak amplitude.




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