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Topic: Renumber and Rearrange Instrument #s?

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    Renumber and Rearrange Instrument #s?

    Is there a way to change the order of instrument numbers once I have loaded a bunch of instruments into GS (2.54)? The instruments are listed in the order in which they are loaded. For my convenience, I'd like to reorder the list, since I often have near 200 instruments loaded, but can't figure out how to do it.

    When I create gigs, I usually will assign patch #s starting at 0. I don't necessarily know where I want the instruments to appear when they are loaded into GS, which is why they just appear in the order loaded, I guess.

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    Re: Renumber and Rearrange Instrument #s?

    You can set program numbers in GS 3, not 2.5 ; someone said here that the GS3 settings don't get saved with a gsp, however.

    The solution I use is to assign specific bank and patch numbers to all the instruments I use most, in a numbering system that suits the way I work. This is done in the gigastudio editor. All pizzicati are 7's, for some reason: so a violin pizz is 00 - 07, alternate pizz is 00 - 17, viola pizz is 00 - 27, 'cello pizz is 00 - 37, bass pizz is 00 -47; additional alternates at 01 - 07, 01 -27, 01 -37, 01-47; solo pizz at 05 -07, 05 -27, 05 -37, and 05 -47 with solo alternates at 15-07, 15-27, 15-37 and 15-47. Sustains are 00, off-the-bow light staccato (spiccato, sautille) are 5's. Etc, etc, but with any kind of helpful habit comes speed.

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