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Topic: Pizzicato commands within Sibelius

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    Pizzicato commands within Sibelius

    Hi there -

    Does anyone know what the command is for the sound to go from Arco to pizzicato within Sibelius notating program?

    I read that there is something like a Var 2 command but how is this applied?

    I would like a patch of bars played pizz. then the ablity to go back to arco. I'm sure this is a simple procedure and would really love some clarity on this subject if any one out there is willing to help.

    Always with Appreciation

    Amanda Lee Falkenberg

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    Re: Pizzicato commands within Sibelius

    On Sibelius, you normally have to do this :
    Select a note
    Menu "Create" -> "Text" -> "Expression" and then enter "pizz"
    Select a note
    Menu "Create" -> "Text" -> "Technique" and then enter "pizz" (or right-click on PC or control-click on mac to have a pop-up with techniques).
    The inverse is the same procedure but with "'arco".
    As far as I understand, you want pizz switching to be active in GPO.
    Two Solutions :
    1 - Search the forum : you have to create another staff for pizz only in Sibelius and hide it.
    2 - Wait for the GPO update, it musn't be long now... It will let you change with a control midi message (CC) the instrument. Very usefull on score editors like Sibelius! Exaclty what you want to do.
    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Pizzicato commands within Sibelius

    Well, that's what understood from different messages posted for the update. As I was longing for this feature in GPO, I remembered it.
    I hope I didn't give you a bad hope.
    Can someone confirm please? You have the choice between yes and yes ;-)

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