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Topic: GigaPulse VST...

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    GigaPulse VST...

    Do existing GigaStudio 3.0 owners get either:

    1) special pricing for purchasing GigaPulse VST <or>
    2) a free copy? ;^)


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    Re: GigaPulse VST...

    From what I've heard so far the answers are:

    1. No, and
    2. No.

    Would be nice, though, no?


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    Re: GigaPulse VST...

    I though this was included in some versions of GS3.

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    Re: GigaPulse VST...

    There is a distinction between 'Gigapulse VST', which is a standalone plugin (BTW - not yet available) that can be used in any VST-compatible music application, and 'Gigapulse Pro' which is an aspect of GigaStudio 3.0 Orchestra and can only be used within GS3 (GS Ensemble and Solo get a cut down version called 'SP' I believe, without all the tweakability of Pro).

    So while we do get Gigapulse, it is not a separate plugin app that we can use directly with other applications.

    It is really an incredible sounding 'effect', and despite its CPU hunger I could really see using it as a plug in on Sonar, etc. during mixdown.


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