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Topic: Logic 7 is out!

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    Logic 7 is out!

    I read that the upgrade price was going to be 329 euros (at least in Europe). Ouch! :


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    Re: Logic 7 is out!

    WOW, thanks for the heads up ! Exciting news ! I bet OSXAudio.com is buzzing !!!

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    Re: Logic 7 is out!

    Yep, and it's going to be buzzing all day! Here's a simpler, jazzier link:


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    Re: Logic 7 is out!


    Glad to see that mixer settings can now be saved and recalled. Pricing is higher than its ever been (I believe) but it is not unexpected from my point of view when compared to other Apple product upgrades such as Final Cut Pro.

    Some cool new features but sadly missing (at least from what I could skim quickly) is automatic delay compensation throughout the mixer (including busses and auxes).

    Sigh. So many cool toys coming out and so little money


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    Re: Logic 7 is out!

    Don't forget to check out the mp3s of the new instruments...

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    Re: Logic 7 is out!

    I've gone through the docs and... you're right! Quite the bargain after all.

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    Re: Logic 7 is out!

    Even a dedicated PC head would have to compliment Apple on an upgrade like that. You can get that level of functionality in some PC programs, but you are going to fork a lot of cash for third-party solutions to tie it all together.

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    Re: Logic 7 is out!

    Wow Lee! Looks like I'm going to have to read through more thoroughly. I missed some of those features. Things are looking very cool indeed. Hopefully I'll be able to afford upgrading as well as getting a G5.


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    Talking Re: Logic 7 is out!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske

    With Apple's website, you're just one click away from being a Mac guy.

    Lee Blaske

    Go on Bruce! Force yourself!

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    Re: Logic 7 is out!

    Yeah the network distributed audio is amazing !!!!!! I also use Nuendo, and tie together my sampling PCs to my G5 via System Link for heavy post projects. But its a pain in the ~~~. This is very cool!!!!! Also, i will have the ability to FINALLY work via my powebook as a master and toss back and forth to the G5 without having to disable/re-enable soundcards/midi ports, reconnect audio files,etc.

    And i have 3 G4's sitting in a closet doing noting. And a handful of network cables !!!

    Just placed my order !!!!

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