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Topic: Synthogy new demos

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    Synthogy new demos



    New demos are much better than the first.

    I like the Steinway D Debussy demo.

    Sure, i will buy it.

    And i love this demo : (very dry samples and natural)




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    Re: Synthogy new demos

    Hate to say it, but these new demos don't do much for me. They sound acceptable, but with the Kurzweil name being used on the site, I expected more.

    Are they representative of the actual sounds? They seem to only try to replicate what's already been done with pianos recently. Which is great, and every piano that's sampled well will be wonderful, but I would like something other than a Deutsche Grammaphone sound, as wonderful as the pianos are that capture that sound.

    If they want to go Kuzweil, I want them to go further back, to earlier Kurzweil piano sounds. Not the PC88, which is apparently where Kurzweil decided to back the mics off and use fewer samples. The pianos in the ROMs, the KSounds, and Pyramid collection have a different kind of presence that would be good to have in a soft sampler. They were doing more with each sample, too, partly because they mainly sampled mp and above layers. I hate to say it, but I'm afraid that because they had such severe RAM limitations, they felt every sample had to be great--with both lots of harmonic content and a very clear fundamental. I don't hear the same complexity or simplicity in these demos.

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    Re: Synthogy new demos

    Nice library. Excellent interface.

    Really though, I'm not hearing anything that sounds as good as the piano libraries already out there. It's convenient and perhaps economical having these three pianos on one library, but the quality of the samples, at least to my ears, are not up to par with the top quality samples already available, namely: Bardstown and Vintaudio.

    I might end up with this library, but for now can't think of any reason to purchase it.

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    Re: Synthogy new demos

    I think this software will be especially valuable for those who:

    - want premium piano sounds
    - want an integrated playback engine (not have to worry about a separate sampler engine).

    With all of these premium libraries, I have some difficulty evaluating them -- they all sound good.

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    Re: Synthogy new demos

    I contnue to look for a Steinway Library that sounds like the real thing.

    To my ears, the MP3s of the Steinway posted hear have too sharp an attack - perhaps it was recorded too closely- and the high end is a bit harsh, quite unlike a real instrument.

    Darn it.


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