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Topic: A question about templates.

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    Question A question about templates.

    Hi all,
    I have been going throught the guide to midi orchestration and have been trying to set up a decent starting template. Here is what I am using: Mac g4 dual 1.42 with 2gigs of ram, EWQLSO Gold, Stormdrum, various other libraries and Cubase SX2.

    I have already created a template with folders, tracks, and several instances of blank VSTis (EWQLSO, Stormsrum, ect.). I can get a lot going on this one machine before freezing anything too.

    My question is do most of you start out with as many samples loaded and ready to go or do you find it faster to just have almost nothing loaded and just pick the articulation you think will be needed? I have started work scoring my first feature length indie film and I see where this could be a bottle neck.


    EDIT: I am trying to avoid the 'multiple PCs' route. I already have one with GS on it for VOTA and Opus1 when needed. Adding a multitude of PCs will make such a racket (even in their ventelated closet) that I can hear them in the studio.

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    Re: A question about templates.


    You can look here--about general templates:


    Perhaps it helps.

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    Re: A question about templates.

    Thank you for that link. Looks like what I am doing is right on track. I have midi tracks in my folders, but none are named as anything specific and merely point to the necessary VSTi. This way I can load the sound I think will work and seeing as loading is fairly quick changing is ok. I would use Kontakt instead of the Kompakt interface for EWQLSO but I have to squint to read anything on it.

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