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Topic: Help installing SoundCard/Interface

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    Help installing SoundCard/Interface

    I just got a new soundcard and I have a UAD and Powercore on the first slots of my PC (win XP OS). I was wondering if there's any significance in putting my new echo soundcard in the third slot? I'd really hate to rearrange all the cards in there.

    Does my soundcard latency, operation get worse if it's not in the first pci slot or is there no difference. Thank you!

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    Arrow Re: Help installing SoundCard/Interface

    Hi PanzerD.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I imagine there would be no noticeable latency difference between different PCI slots.

    However, one thing to watch out for is the IRQ allocations. For optimal performance and stability, you would want to have your Echo card in a PCI slot which doesn't share interrupts with another device, such as USB controllers.

    You can check these in Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager then View->Resources by type or by connection and then expand the Interrupt Request (IRQ) below. If these numbers are different, you will have fewer problems, in general. You may be able to change these IRQ assignments in your BIOS if that feature is available, which would mean you could tweak it to your liking (be a bit careful though :-) ), or if that's unavailable you may "want" to shuffle those cards around a bit, or just leave them and see what happens.

    Hope it helps, and good luck with the new card (is it a 3G btw?, if so please let me know how it performs),


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    Re: Help installing SoundCard/Interface

    Thank you for your help. I will try to instal it in a few days. Wish me luck.

    Yes it is the new 3G. I am excited and hope it works well with vsti and giga3. I will report about it after I have a chance to use it.

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    Re: Help installing SoundCard/Interface

    Depending on the Mobo PCI #3 is probably the one you want. On most boards 1&5 (and the AGP), 2&6 share the same IRQs. Only 3&4 are automatically assigned their own unique IRQs. jc

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