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Topic: Fixed BSOD but...

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    Fixed BSOD but...

    Here's the story - I have a Waveterminal 192L that has 8 physical outputs (6 analog, 2 digital) Since I do all my GS3 work in stereo, I only enabled channels 1 and 2 in the GS3 setup window. BSOD on any kind of capture. Just for yuks I enabled the other channels in GS3 and now no BSOD. Unfortunately capture is still hosed. The recorded file only has audio on one channel with dropouts and nasty distortion. At least I can play with other settings now to see if this can be corrected without having to restart my machine each time.


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    Unhappy Re: Fixed BSOD but...

    Yes, I have this too, its really nasty.

    I have an StAudio/ESI DSP 24 audio card. I tried to enable all available outputs.
    With this my DAW doesn't reboot, BUT the file format is not supported.

    I tried it with teh media player, and with Cubase SX 2.

    Actually, what is really weird is that in Cubase SX2 I can setup my project at
    16, 24, and 32 Bit depth, but in Gs3 I cant do this because it tells me there is only one option wich is 32 bit.

    So I can prelisten to the test file I made, but when I try to load it into Cubase SX 2 ->POOF...Cubase is gone...THATS GREAT isn't it

    Also I no longer have the option to set the sequencer priority anymore its also gone.

    I was hoping that maybe with rewire I would be safe but NO.
    What a bad experience. I can work for hours with it, with 2-3 instances of Gigapulse without problems, but because of this 2 MAJOR ISSUES I CAN'T WORK AT ALL!!!!!!

    I tried everything was mentioned on this forums, and now I think I'm a "beta tester".

    Why didn't TASCAM/NEMESYS do a public beta testing like Propelleheads in the first place.

    There are so many different DAW's out there, that this would be a logical step for me to do it, because the chances are much better if say 600 user are betatesting than maybe 6 or 20.

    I really hope Tascam/Nemesys put out a patch as soon as possible.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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