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Topic: Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

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    Angry Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

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    can you believe this crap. today something got past my firewall and i got invaded with spyware and adware. i tried several programs but the problem seemed to get worse!! i have zone alarms, 2 different spyware programs:
    spy sweeper & spy remover now i added lava soft adware and most of the problems seemed to disappear. whats really annoying about this is if i set the privacy settings in ZA to high i cant surf if too low i get get slammed.
    how in the hell do get rid of this garbage??! i am so pissed i can kick someones a** in to next week!! this cost me a full day of downtime . why can't micro$oft do something about this . why isn't hijacking someones computer illegal?? who do i sue ? why do these anti spyware programs suck?
    which ones work?

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    Re: Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

    Hi Mike,

    Been there, done that. The fact is firewalls aren't enough. Adaware is good, but I also have Spybot Search and Destroy (excellent donationware). I had some spyware hijack my NIC and I couldn't access the internet or email. Spybot S&D saved me from that. Spyware is part of the computing landscape now and your only hope is to have software that will keep it at bay. So here's a link to Spybot S&D.


    I feel your pain and sympathize, but this is not a new phenomenon.


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    Re: Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

    Get a Mac

    No viruses, no spyware. Period.

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    Re: Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

    My brother-in-law runs a WISP (wireless internet service provier) business. His recommendations are also Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy.

    I've seen him run into customers on the street and tell them that they've got tens of IP sockets running, so they need to run these programs. Small town life is cool...


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    Re: Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

    Also, it may be wise for a while to use a different browser than Internet Explorer. Alot of the exploits are through the browser. There are other alternatives like Opera and Mozilla.

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    Mike, sorry you had so many problems with the "spyware." I agree with Steve, try Spybot- search & destroy.... it seems to work very well for me. Good luck............. Gary

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    Re: Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

    In addition to AdAware and Spybot, I've found the adware detection built into the Symantec Anti-Virus v9 disk scanner to be quite good.


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    Re: Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

    All of these programs are great, but they sometimes miss things. There is a way in Windows XP, however, to often learn what spyware\virus\trojan is causing the problem, and it's much simpler than one might expect:

    1. First go to the Windows System dialog box: Click on the Start menu, click on All Programs, click on Accessories, point to System Tools, and click on System Information.

    2. In the list at left, under the heading System Summary, click on the + sign next to Software Environment to expand the sublist.

    3. Click on Windows Error Reporting, the last item in the newly exposed list.
    Wait while Windows builds its report.

    4. Doubleclick on the dialog box window to expand it, and in the list of errors that soon appears at the right, look under the heading Details for the text "Faulting module" The "module," usually a DLL, that's named is the cuprit. (When it says "Faulting Application," that's usually just the name of the program that crashed, not the program that caused the problem.

    Important: what you are looking for is repetition--if a module only caused a problem once, it may be ok--just a memory overload, possibly. On the other hand, if you've had the same problem again and again, and the same module is listed many times, that's probably your baby.

    5. And as you all know what comes next depends on the file\trojan\virus. Always look up the complete file name (including the extension) in Goggle first. If it's a virus or trojan, you'll find out fast. And, very importantly, you'll find out if there are any other files that it loads or depends on. I always rename the file in Window Explorer (or Word for that matter), kill the Registry entries for all the files and then reboot.

    Another good virus checker that seems to find things that Spybot and AdAware miss is mwave.exe from:


    Hope all of this helps. I'd suggest that everyone check the Windows Error Reporting window now and then, for even the smallest problems, and look up the file names on Google. Peace.

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    Re: Fu*&^^ing spyware hell RANT!

    ANd I should add: be careful to BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY before deleting or renaming an entry.

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    Getting a Mac and only letting MAC'S be on the internet, is the best defence. It's a good rule (if you can integrate the hardware).

    We have 4 G4's a couple of G5's and 4 PC's (rackmounted) and a couple of PowerBooks and everything is ethernet'd together (except the PowerBooks which are Airported wirelessly).

    We do all our email, hosting for our client's, browsing (Explorer & Safari), etc... BUT ONLY ON THE MAC'S - it's the rule.

    The PC's do NO email-web-chat-browser-ftp-hosting etc... of ANYKIND.

    After we stuck to this rule all those problems where stopped dead in their tracks.

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